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During the hearing, the court referred to an order from October 19, 2016, which instructed the completion of the restoration process for the remaining 2213 seats of assistant teachers within six months. It’s shocking that even after almost seven years, the restoration hasn’t been carried out. The court wanted to know who is responsible for this delay, and the present director mentioned that it’s the District Education Officer’s responsibility. However, the court raised a valid point by stating that this matter goes beyond just one district. It affects the entire state, so it shouldn’t solely be the responsibility of the District Education Officer. The court expressed strong objection to this and decided to list the matter for further discussion after two weeks.


It’s crucial for the recruitment of assistant teachers to be completed as per the court’s order. Education plays a vital role in shaping the future of our society, and having qualified and dedicated teachers is essential for providing quality education to students. Let’s hope that the court’s intervention leads to a resolution and the recruitment process moves forward swiftly.