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Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP national convener, recently addressed the ED summon related to the Liquor policy case. In his response dated 20 December 2023, he provided a detailed reply to the summons issued by the ED on 18 December 2023. Kejriwal’s proactive approach in addressing the summons reflects his commitment to transparency and accountability in the face of legal inquiries. By promptly responding to the ED’s communication, Kejriwal demonstrates a willingness to cooperate with investigative processes and uphold the principles of due process and fairness. This exchange between Kejriwal and the ED underscores the importance of adherence to legal procedures and the rule of law in matters concerning governance and public accountability. Kejriwal’s timely and comprehensive response to the summons exemplifies his dedication to addressing legal matters responsibly and ensuring clarity in the resolution of the Liquor policy case.


Words by Arvind Kejriwal in His Letter to ED

Arvind Kejriwal in his letter to the ED. In his response, Kejriwal expressed his firm belief that the ED summon, much like the previous one, is unjust and politically motivated. He emphasized the importance of integrity and openness in his life, asserting that he has always conducted himself with honesty and transparency, leaving no room for concealment.

Furthermore, Kejriwal raised concerns about the timing and nature of the summons, suggesting that it was strategically leaked to BJP leaders before reaching him. He highlighted the suspicious coincidence of BJP leaders’ public statements predicting his summons and subsequent arrest, closely followed by the official summon from the ED. This sequence of events led Kejriwal to question the impartiality and intentions behind the issuance of the summon, insinuating that it was orchestrated to tarnish his character and reputation.

By shedding light on the alleged collusion between the ED and the ruling party at the Centre, Kejriwal underscored the broader implications of the situation. The fact that BJP MP Manoj Tiwari preemptively declared Kejriwal’s impending arrest on the same day as the summon further fueled Kejriwal’s assertion that the summon was not a result of due process but a targeted move orchestrated by political interests.

Kejriwal’s response reflects his unwavering stance against what he perceives as an abuse of power and a deliberate attempt to discredit him. His insistence on the withdrawal of the summon based on its questionable origins and timing underscores his commitment to upholding principles of fairness and justice in the face of perceived political interference.

This detailed analysis of Kejriwal’s letter to the ED provides insight into the complexities surrounding legal proceedings and political dynamics, highlighting the importance of transparency, accountability, and the rule of law in such high-profile cases.