You can download the Bardhakya Bhata Form 2024 (Bardhaka Vata) Bengali PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


Bardhakya Bhata Form 2024 (Bardhaka Vata) Bengali PDF Download

Bardhakya Bhata pension application procedure with me. It’s really helpful to have access to this form for Old Age/Disability/Widow pension provided by the Department of Women and Child Development & Social Welfare, Government of West Bengal. This form is crucial for individuals in need of financial assistance due to old age, disability, or widowhood. The Bardhakya Bhata scheme is a significant initiative that aims to support vulnerable individuals, specifically widows residing in West Bengal who lack adequate support and care. By providing a monthly financial assistance of Rs. 750, this scheme offers a lifeline to those facing economic hardships and challenges in their daily lives.


To apply for the Bardhakya Bhata pension, eligible widows need to ensure that their family income does not exceed Rs. 1000 per month. This income threshold is essential to determine the eligibility criteria for receiving the monthly financial support under this scheme. It ensures that the assistance reaches those who truly require it and are in need of financial aid to sustain themselves. Obtaining the Bardhakya Bhata pension application form is a straightforward process. Applicants can either approach the concerned authority of the Department of Women and Child Development & Social Welfare in West Bengal to collect the form or conveniently download it from the provided link at the bottom of the page. This accessibility to the form allows widows in need to easily access and apply for the financial assistance provided by the government.


It’s crucial for applicants to carefully review the instructions outlined in the pension application form and accurately fill in all the required details. Providing complete and accurate information is essential to ensure a smooth processing of the application and timely disbursement of the financial aid to eligible widows in West Bengal. In conclusion, the Bardhakya Bhata pension scheme plays a vital role in supporting widows facing financial challenges in West Bengal. By availing of this scheme and submitting the necessary application form, eligible individuals can secure the monthly financial assistance provided by the government, helping them lead a more stable and secure life despite their difficult circumstances.


Bardhakya Bhata Form 2024 – Required Details

  • Applicant Details
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Voter ID No
  • Address
  • Family Income
  • Caste
  • In the case of Disability Pension, mention the type of disability
  • Bank Account Details
  • And any other Information