You can download the Bihar Udyami Yojana Selection List 2023-24 PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


Bihar Udyami Yojana Selection List 2023-24 PDF Download

The Bihar Government’s Chief Minister Udyami Yojana has been a significant initiative to promote entrepreneurship and foster economic growth in the state. The application process for the scheme has been open, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity and transform their business ideas into reality. The release of the Bihar Udyami Yojana Selection List 2023 on the official website @ has provided transparency and accessibility for applicants to track their progress in the selection process. The Mukhyamantri Udyami Yojana stands as a cornerstone of the Bihar government’s efforts to empower new ventures and nurture a culture of innovation and enterprise within the state. By offering loans of up to Rs 10 lakh with a 50% subsidy, the scheme aims to alleviate financial barriers and incentivize entrepreneurial endeavors across diverse sectors and demographics.


One of the notable features of the Mukhyamantri Udyami Yojana is its inclusive approach towards fostering entrepreneurship among marginalized and underrepresented groups. Eligible applicants from SC/ST/OBC/Women/Youth categories, encompassing both male and female entrepreneurs, are encouraged to apply and benefit from the scheme’s provisions. The accessibility of online application procedures simplifies the process, enabling youth with entrepreneurial aspirations to navigate the application process with ease and convenience. Upon successful application, entrepreneurs selected for the Mukhyamantri Udyami Yojana receive the sanctioned loan amount in three installments, facilitating the gradual development and expansion of their business ventures. The structured repayment plan, spanning 84 installments, ensures a sustainable and manageable approach towards loan repayment, enabling entrepreneurs to focus on business growth and operational stability.


The Bihar Government’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship through the Udyami Yojana underscores its dedication to fostering economic development, job creation, and innovation within the state. By empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with financial support, mentorship, and resources, the government paves the way for a vibrant ecosystem of startups and small businesses to thrive and contribute to Bihar’s socio-economic landscape. In conclusion, the Mukhyamantri Udyami Yojana represents a transformative initiative that empowers individuals to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and contribute to Bihar’s economic progress. Through strategic support, financial assistance, and inclusive policies, the scheme embodies the government’s vision of a dynamic and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem that drives innovation, employment.


How to check name in Bihar Udyami Yojana Selection List 2023-24

1. Access the Official Website: Begin by navigating to the official website of Bihar Udyami Yojana. Upon reaching the homepage, you will encounter a user-friendly interface designed to facilitate easy access to the selection list.

2. Explore the Homepage: Once on the homepage, direct your attention to the “Latest Activities” section prominently displayed on the screen. This section serves as a gateway to the comprehensive list of selected entrepreneurs across various categories.

3. Choose Your Category: Within the “Latest Activities” section, you will find a diverse range of categories representing selected entrepreneurs. Identify and select the category that aligns with your entrepreneurial classification to proceed further.

4. View the Beneficiary List: Upon selecting your specific category, the complete beneficiary list will be promptly showcased on the screen. Take your time to browse through the list meticulously to locate your name and verify your inclusion in the prestigious selection roster.

5. Download the Beneficiary List: To retain a copy of the beneficiary list for future reference or documentation, utilize the download option available on the website. By downloading the list, you can conveniently access it offline and refer to it whenever necessary.

6. Verify Your Inclusion: Carefully review the beneficiary list to confirm the presence of your name among the selected entrepreneurs. Ensure accuracy and thoroughness in the verification process to ascertain your eligibility and participation in the Bihar Udyami Yojana Selection List 2023-24.

7. Seek Assistance if Needed: In case of any queries or challenges during the name verification process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the designated support channels provided on the website. Assistance is readily available to address your concerns and facilitate a smooth verification experience.