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Congress’s Black Paper Against Modi’s White Paper PDF Download

Congress party and the BJP government led by Narendra Modi engage in a battle of perspectives concerning governance and economic performance in India. The unveiling of a ‘black paper’ by the Congress as a response to the government’s ‘white paper’ signifies a significant critique of the Modi administration’s tenure. This exchange of accusations and defenses between the two major political factions reveals deep-rooted ideological disparities and differing visions for the nation’s future.

Congress’ ‘black paper’ serves as a critical analysis of the government’s performance over the last decade. Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge’s critique of the government’s job numbers disclosure and allegations of state discrimination further intensify the political discourse. The BJP government’s forthcoming white paper, introduced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, aims to outline its accomplishments since 2014, countering the Congress’ claims.

Prime Minister Modi staunchly defends his government’s achievements, highlighting the positive transformations since assuming power. The heated exchange between the ruling party and the Opposition during the budget session reflects the intensity of the political climate, with both sides vigorously defending their positions. BJP leader Jayant Sinha emphasizes the economic challenges pre-2014, labeling them as the ‘fragile five’ during the UPA era, and asserts the BJP’s role in economic revitalization.

Through the white paper, the BJP aims to elucidate the economic landscape pre-2014 and showcase its strategies in addressing economic issues, including improvements in GDP growth, inflation, and banking sector stability. This ongoing discourse underscores the dynamic nature of Indian politics and the contrasting narratives that shape the country’s political landscape.