You can download the Delhi Liquor Price List 2024 PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


Delhi Liquor Price List 2024 PDF Download

The Delhi Liquor Price List 2024 PDF has been recently released by the Delhi government, providing comprehensive details on liquor rates in the city.

This list, available on the official website, offers a detailed compilation of prices for both Indian and foreign liquor brands. The Delhi Excise Department meticulously updates this list to ensure accuracy and transparency in liquor pricing. The new liquor policy brings significant changes, transitioning from traditional roadside shops to modern walk-in stores managed by private entities.

These new establishments, spanning at least 500 square feet, aim to enhance the consumer experience by offering a more upscale and convenient environment for purchasing liquor. This shift reflects a strategic effort to modernize liquor retailing in Delhi and provide customers with a more sophisticated and accessible shopping experience.