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E Shikshakosh Form PDF Download

The Bihar Government Education Department has taken a significant step towards enhancing the quality of education in the state by introducing the E Shikshakosh portal. This innovative platform aims to revolutionize the education system in Bihar by centralizing the data of both students and teachers across the state. By consolidating this information on a single online platform, the government seeks to facilitate better communication and coordination within the education sector. One of the key objectives of the E Shikshakosh Portal is to promote transparency and efficiency in the education system of Bihar. By digitizing educational records and creating a centralized database, the portal will enable quick and easy access to crucial information about students and teachers. This streamlined approach not only enhances data management but also ensures that educational resources are utilized effectively to benefit the entire state.


Through the implementation of the E Shikshakosh portal, the Bihar government aims to monitor the performance of teachers in the state closely. By tracking various metrics such as attendance, teaching methodologies, and student engagement, the portal will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of educators. This monitoring system will enable authorities to identify areas that need improvement and implement targeted interventions to enhance the overall quality of teaching in Bihar. Moreover, the E Shikshakosh portal will play a pivotal role in assessing student progress and academic outcomes. By compiling detailed reports on student performance, learning achievements, and educational milestones, the portal will offer a comprehensive overview of the state’s educational landscape. This data-driven approach will enable policymakers to make informed decisions and implement strategies that promote academic excellence and student success.


In addition to monitoring teachers and students, the E Shikshakosh portal will serve as a platform for professional development and capacity building. Through online training modules, workshops, and resources, educators in Bihar will have access to continuous learning opportunities to enhance their teaching skills and pedagogical practices. By fostering a culture of lifelong learning among teachers, the portal aims to elevate the standard of education delivery in the state. Furthermore, the E Shikshakosh portal will facilitate communication and collaboration among educational stakeholders in Bihar. By creating a virtual space for sharing ideas, best practices, and innovative approaches to teaching, the portal will foster a sense of community and collective responsibility towards improving education. This collaborative environment will encourage knowledge exchange, mentorship, and peer support, ultimately leading.


Documents Required for E Shikshakosh Form

  • Name and personal details of the teacher
  • Name of Student
  • School Name
  • Permanent Address
  • Salary Information
  • Educational Qualification Certificate
  • Bank Passbook
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Mail ID and Mobile number