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Form 601 pw PDF Download

Form 601 PW serves as a vital document for government employees looking to access their accumulated pension post-retirement via the National Pension System (NPS). This form is tailored to simplify the pension withdrawal process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for retirees seeking to utilize their pension funds effectively.

Primarily designed for corporate employees and eligible citizens approaching retirement age, Form 601 PW streamlines the pension withdrawal procedure, guiding individuals through the necessary steps to access their pension benefits smoothly.

When filling out Form 601 PW, it’s crucial to adhere to the provided instructions diligently. Ensuring that all mandatory fields are completed accurately and that dates are in the specified format (DDMMYYYY) is essential for a successful application process. Submission of the form to the designated Nodal Office/POP/Aggregator is a critical step in initiating the pension withdrawal request.

Before submitting the withdrawal form, applicants must verify that their bank account details align with official records, such as bank passbooks, statements, or cheques, to prevent any discrepancies. Additionally, attaching bank proof, such as a cancelled cheque or bank passbook copy, is necessary to validate the accuracy of the provided bank details.

To qualify for partial withdrawal, subscribers must have been active participants in the NPS for a minimum of 10 years. The withdrawal amount is limited to 25% of the total contributions made to the individual pension account, ensuring financial stability for retirees while safeguarding their long-term pension benefits.

Verification of subscriber bank account details by the Nodal officer/POP/Aggregator is a crucial step in the withdrawal process, guaranteeing the secure transfer of funds to the correct account. It’s important to note that the withdrawal amount received may vary due to fluctuations in the Net Asset Value (NAV) between the request and execution dates.


For subscribers with specific illnesses affecting themselves, their spouse, children, or dependent parents, the pension withdrawal regulations under the PFRDA guidelines provide additional considerations to cater to their healthcare needs.