You can download the GHMC Vikasam Registration Form PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


GHMC Vikasam Registration Form PDF Download

Vikalangula Kaarya Sankalpam Application form issued by the GHMC. That’s really important work they’re doing to support the differently-abled population in Hyderabad. The GHMC’s initiative, VIKASAM (Vikalangula Kaarya Sankalpam), is truly commendable for its focus on providing specialized identity cards to individuals with disabilities in the city.

The establishment of the VIKASAM Disabled Welfare Cell by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation marks a significant step towards inclusivity and support for the differently-abled community. This dedicated cell is a pioneering effort, setting an example for other municipal corporations across the country to follow. By assigning specialized identity tags to each differently-abled person within the GHMC limits, the program aims to enhance their quality of life and provide tailored assistance to meet their unique requirements.

The core objective of the VIKASAM program goes beyond just issuing identity cards. It aims to create a comprehensive support system for the differently-abled individuals by offering skill training, promoting the formation of Self Help Groups, and facilitating access to credit from nationalized banks through bank linkage. These initiatives are crucial in empowering individuals with disabilities, enabling them to lead independent and fulfilling lives within the community.

The VIKASAM program not only focuses on providing tangible benefits like identity cards but also emphasizes the importance of social inclusion and empowerment for the differently-abled population. By recognizing and addressing their specific needs, the GHMC is taking proactive steps towards building a more inclusive and supportive environment for all residents of Hyderabad.

Through initiatives like VIKASAM, the GHMC is not only improving the lives of individuals with disabilities but also setting a positive example for other organizations and communities to prioritize inclusivity and support for all members, regardless of their abilities. It’s heartening to see such impactful programs being implemented to create a more accessible and equitable society for everyone.


GHMC Vikasam Registration Form (Details to be Fill in Form)

  • Applicants Details
  • Circle No & Name
  • Ward No & Name
  • Zone
  • Mandal
  • Assembly Constituency No & Name
  • And any other details


How to Apply for Hyderabad Flood Relief

STEP 1: Visit any of the nearest Municipal Corporation Office.

STEP 2: Grab the application form from the center, fill it, attach the photo and required documents.

STEP 3: Sign the document and submit with the Municipal Corporation Office.


Documents Required for Vikasam Registration Form

  • Application Form
  • Disability certificate
  • Two (02) Passport size photographs showing disability
  • Age Proof – Ration Card, Voter Card or Driving Licence or any valid proof
  • Address Proof- Ration Card, Voter Card or Driving Licence or any valid proof
  • And any other documents