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GST State Code List PDF Download

The GSTIN is a 15-digit alphanumeric unique identification number assigned to a taxpayer registered under the GST system. The first two digits of the GSTIN signify the state code, which helps identify the state where the business is located and registered under GST. Each state in India has a specific state code to facilitate the identification of business entities.


GST (GSTIN) Format

The GSTIN is an alphanumeric number consisting of 15 digits. It is a PAN-based number and is state-specific. The GSTIN can be decoded as follows:

  • The GSTIN format consists of various components that play a crucial role in identifying taxpayers under the GST system.
  • The first two digits signify the State Code, followed by ten digits representing the PAN or TAN.
  • The thirteenth digit indicates the number of registrations under a single PAN, ensuring uniqueness for each registration.
  • The fourteenth digit denotes the nature of the business, usually marked as ‘Z’ by default, with the option for future use left blank.
  • The fifteenth digit is an alphanumeric character serving as the check code to validate the GSTIN.