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Gujarat Budget 2024-25 PDF Download

In the budget presentation, Gujarat Finance Minister Kanu Desai outlined the financial plan for the state’s upcoming fiscal year, emphasizing key areas of focus and allocation of resources. The budget of Rs 3.32 lakh crore for fiscal 2024-25 reflects the government’s priorities and initiatives to drive economic growth and development across various sectors in Gujarat. This comprehensive budget not only addresses the immediate financial needs of the state but also sets a strategic vision for the next 25 years, showcasing a long-term commitment to sustainable progress and prosperity. The budget presentation serves as a crucial platform for transparency and accountability, ensuring that the financial decisions align with the state’s goals and aspirations. Through this budget, the Gujarat government aims to enhance infrastructure, boost employment opportunities, support key industries, and prioritize social welfare programs to uplift the lives of its citizens.

Kanubhai Desai’s meticulous planning and strategic allocation of funds in the budget signify a forward-looking approach to governance, fostering a conducive environment for economic growth and social development in Gujarat. The budget presentation not only highlights the financial figures but also articulates the government’s vision, mission, and values, reflecting a holistic approach to governance and public service. As Gujarat embarks on this new fiscal year with a robust budget framework, the state is poised to achieve sustainable growth, inclusive development, and overall progress for its residents.


Gujarat Budget Highlights 2024

Gujarat, the government is focusing on significant developments to enhance various sectors. The initiative to make 20,000 Anganwadis smart demonstrates a commitment to improving early childhood education and care services.

With a substantial allocation of Rs 55,114 crore, the government is dedicated to modernizing and expanding key infrastructure, such as the Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar metro route extension to important areas like Ahmedabad International Airport and Gift City.

Moreover, the introduction of new bus services and the modernization of bus stations, along with the addition of 2000 new buses, aim to enhance public transportation and connectivity for the residents.

The provision of Rs 627 crore for the modernization of these centers underscores the government’s emphasis on efficient and sustainable transportation solutions.

Additionally, the relaxation in high-speed diesel tax for farmers reflects the government’s support for the agricultural community.

The allocation of Rs 463 crore for fishermen’s relief and Rs 134 crore for the development of the fisheries industry highlights the government’s commitment to the welfare and growth of these sectors. The expansion of Gift City as a Green City and the development of a ‘Walk to Work, Live and Play’ concept, along with a riverfront recreation zone, showcase the government’s vision for sustainable urban planning and quality of life improvements.

The integration of metro connectivity and Central Park facilities in Gift City, along with investments in Fin-Tech and riverfront development, signify a comprehensive approach to fostering economic growth, innovation, and environmental sustainability in Gujarat.