You can download the Haryana Sports Gradation Form PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


Haryana Sports Gradation Form PDF Download

The Haryana government has introduced a set of new regulations governing the issuance of sports gradation certificates with the aim of ensuring that deserving and legitimate sportspersons have access to government job opportunities within the state. These certificates, categorized based on different sports disciplines, serve as a gateway for individuals to secure employment in the public sector.

To be eligible for a sports gradation certificate in Haryana, an individual must meet specific criteria outlined by the government. This includes participation in national-level sports representing Haryana or being a resident of Haryana without representing any other state or Union Territory. By meeting these criteria, individuals demonstrate their dedication and prowess in their respective sports, making them deserving candidates for the coveted sports gradation certificate.

The application process for obtaining a sports gradation certificate is streamlined and accessible to all eligible applicants. Interested individuals can easily download the application form from the official website of Haryana Sports, which is Alternatively, the application form can be directly accessed through the provided link, ensuring convenience and efficiency in the application process.

Upon submission of the completed application form and necessary documentation, the competent authorities will review the applicant’s credentials and performance in the field of sports. The evaluation process aims to uphold the integrity of the sports gradation certificates and ensure that only deserving individuals receive this prestigious recognition.

The issuance of sports gradation certificates not only recognizes the talent and hard work of sportspersons but also opens doors to lucrative job opportunities in the government sector. By promoting meritocracy and rewarding excellence in sports, the Haryana government endeavors to nurture a culture of sportsmanship and athleticism within the state.

In conclusion, the introduction of new rules for sports gradation certificates in Haryana underscores the government’s commitment to promoting sports, encouraging talent, and providing meaningful employment opportunities to deserving individuals. These certificates serve as a testament to the state’s support for sports and its dedication to recognizing and nurturing the athletic potential of its residents.


Haryana Sports Gradation Form (Required Details)

  • Name of Sports person
  • Aadhaar No
  • Mobile Number
  • Name of District to which sports person belongs
  • Domicile State
  • Plays for (Name of State/Organization)
  • Name of Sports Discipline
  • Best Sports Achievement
  • Signature of Sportsperson
  • And any other details