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In the modern sense, when we talk about Hindi today, the history of Khand Boli is not very old. Therefore, it is natural that the first serious attempt to create dictionaries in this language was made by Nagani Pracharini Banners Sabha towards the end of the nineteenth century. Later, organizations like Gyanmandal Banaras and Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Prayag, along with cultural and educational leaders such as Father Kamil Bulke, Hardev Out, and Dr. Raghubir, also contributed to this endeavor. Together, they worked diligently to compile dictionaries that would help standardize and document the language. During the first half of the twentieth century, individuals made significant efforts to create good dictionaries. If we carefully examine these dictionaries, we can observe two important trends. Firstly, we notice the influence of Brajbhasha and Sanskrit on the early dictionaries. These languages played a crucial role in shaping the vocabulary and structure of Khand Boli.


Language and literature have a unique quality of expressing rich meanings through speech. The creation of words is limitless, as they emerge from the depths of speech. Shabdashastra, the science of words, is said to be infinite. Words themselves have a vast range of meanings, just like the boundless sky. Even mighty Garuda Maharaj cannot cross the expanse of the sky, yet every bird flies within it according to its own power. This signifies the endless possibilities and variations within language. Maharishi Patanjali, in his Vyakarana Mahabhashya, mentioned that Brihaspati (Jupiter) instructed Indra to recite the Pratipada words for thousands of divine years, but even after such a long time, there was no end to the words. This highlights the vastness and ever-expanding nature of language.


In conclusion, the efforts of various organizations and individuals have played a crucial role in the development and standardization of Khand Boli. The influence of Brajbhasha and Sanskrit can be seen in early dictionaries, and the richness and infinite possibilities of language continue to amaze us. The journey of documenting and understanding language is a never-ending quest, as words continue to evolve and shape our communication.