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Holiday List 2023 Assam PDF Download

Holiday List 2023 for Assam to provide a comprehensive overview of the significance and implications of these public holidays. The publication of the Holiday List by the Government of Assam serves as a crucial reference point for citizens, outlining the designated holidays for the state in 2023. This list not only informs individuals about upcoming holidays but also influences the operational status of various institutions across Assam. With a total of 35 public holidays, Assam observes a significant number of holidays that impact both government and private organizations. During these holidays, Assam Government Institutions, including offices, schools, colleges, government undertaking organizations, and corporation offices, remain closed. Private organizations also often follow suit and declare holidays on these specified dates, aligning with the state’s holiday calendar.


It’s important to note that while public holidays are observed across central and state government offices in Assam, the application of these holidays to educational institutions and medical/engineering colleges may vary. These institutions are not automatically bound by the public holiday list and have the flexibility to adopt their academic calendars, potentially adjusting the number of holidays to better suit their academic schedules and operational requirements. In light of the diverse needs of educational institutions and professional colleges, there is a call for a balanced approach to holiday allocation. While public holidays play a vital role in marking cultural and national events, educational institutions and colleges may benefit from aligning their academic calendars to optimize instructional time and ensure comprehensive coverage of academic content.


By fostering a dialogue on the optimization of holiday schedules, Assam aims to promote efficiency and productivity in educational settings while upholding the significance of public holidays in the broader societal context. This nuanced approach acknowledges the importance of both academic continuity and cultural observances, striking a balance that benefits students, faculty, and the community at large. Through the publication of the Holiday List 2023, Assam not only outlines the designated holidays for the state but also initiates a conversation on the strategic alignment of academic calendars with public holidays, fostering a harmonious balance between cultural celebrations and educational priorities. This proactive approach reflects Assam’s commitment to promoting a conducive environment for learning and growth, ensuring that holidays are not only days of rest but also opportunities for reflection, celebration, and academic advancement.