You can download the Kerala Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Form Malayalam PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


Kerala Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Form Malayalam PDF Download

To begin with, the Kerala Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Form in PDF format serves as a crucial document for individuals with disabilities seeking financial assistance from the Board of Social Welfare/Welfare Fund Department of the Kerala Government. This application form is specifically designed to cater to the needs of mentally or physically challenged individuals, providing them with access to essential pension benefits to support their well-being and livelihood. Obtaining the Kerala Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Form is a straightforward process that can be initiated by visiting the local administrative offices such as the Grama Panchayat, Municipality, or Corporation Secretary. These designated offices serve as primary points of contact for individuals interested in applying for disability pensions in Kerala. Alternatively, the pension form can also be conveniently downloaded from the official link provided by the government, ensuring accessibility and ease of application for all eligible candidates.


Once you have acquired the pension form, the next step involves carefully filling out the required details and ensuring that all relevant information is accurately provided. It is essential to complete the form with precision and clarity to facilitate the smooth processing of your pension application. This step is crucial in determining your eligibility for the disability pension and expediting the approval process. After completing the pension form, the final submission must be made to the concerned authority, which is typically the Grama Panchayat, Municipality, or Corporation Secretary in your locality. Upon receiving your application, the administrative process kicks in, starting with a Grama Panchayat Enquiry conducted by the Village Extension Officer (VEO) or an officer appointed by the Secretary. This Enquiry serves as a verification process to validate the information provided in your application and ensure compliance with the eligibility criteria for the disability pension.


The Grama Panchayat Enquiry is a critical step in the assessment process and should be conducted promptly within 45 days of submitting your application. This timeline ensures that the review process is efficient and enables timely decision-making regarding the approval of disability pensions. Following the completion of the Enquiry, the beneficiary list is finalized within another 45 days, marking the culmination of the assessment phase and the preparation for disbursing pension benefits to eligible individuals. Moreover, the entire process of applying for the Kerala Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension is designed to be transparent, efficient, and inclusive, reflecting the government’s commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities.


Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Form (Details)

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  • Address
  • Bank Details
  • Types of Disability
  • Any other Details

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must meet specific eligibility criteria to qualify for the Kerala Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension. Firstly, it is essential for the applicant to be destitute, indicating a state of extreme poverty or lack of basic necessities. This requirement ensures that the pension benefits are allocated to individuals facing significant financial challenges and in need of support for their well-being.
  • Additionally, to be eligible for the pension, the applicant must not be receiving any other Social Welfare pensions. This condition aims to prevent duplication of financial assistance and ensures that the resources are distributed equitably among eligible beneficiaries. Similarly, individuals who have applied for other Social Welfare pensions are also not eligible for the Kerala Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension to maintain the integrity of the welfare system.
  • Furthermore, the eligibility criteria specify that individuals engaging in habitual begging are not eligible for the pension. This provision emphasizes the importance of discouraging dependency on begging as a means of livelihood and encourages self-sufficiency among applicants. Similarly, individuals admitted to a poor home are not considered eligible for the disability pension, as the support is primarily intended for those living independently or with their families.
  • Moreover, applicants must have a family annual income of Rs. 100,000 or less to qualify for the pension. This income threshold ensures that the financial assistance is targeted towards economically disadvantaged individuals and families who require additional support due to disability. It helps in prioritizing assistance for those most in need within the community.
  • To begin the application process, individuals must apply at the local body where they are residing. This step ensures that the application is processed efficiently and within the jurisdiction of the applicant’s residential area. Additionally, applicants are required to submit a medical certificate of disability along with their application. This certificate serves as crucial documentation to verify the applicant’s disability status and determine their eligibility for the pension benefits.
  • By adhering to these eligibility criteria and following the application procedure diligently, individuals can access the necessary financial support provided by the Kerala Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension to improve their quality of life and well-being.