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The Kerala Social Justice Department’s groundbreaking initiative, ‘Vidyakiranam,’ stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for children of differently-abled parents facing economic hardships. This comprehensive scheme aims to bridge the gap in educational access and affordability by extending educational assistance to children whose parents experience disabilities. Whether both parents are disabled or if it’s a single parent facing disability, ‘Vidyakiranam’ steps in to offer a lifeline of support and empowerment. At the core of the ‘Vidyakiranam’ scheme lies a noble objective: to provide scholarships to children of disabled parents, ensuring that their educational pursuits are not hindered by financial constraints. By alleviating the financial burden through this scholarship program, the scheme opens doors of educational possibilities for these deserving children, enabling them to pursue their academic aspirations with zeal and determination. Each child selected from the specified categories in every district becomes a beneficiary of educational assistance for a duration of 10 months, fostering a conducive environment for their holistic growth and development.


The essence of the ‘Vidyakiranam’ scheme transcends mere financial aid; it embodies a profound commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. By extending financial assistance to children across all categories in every district, the scheme endeavors to maximize the reach and impact of its support, ensuring that no deserving child is left behind due to financial constraints. Through this concerted effort, ‘Vidyakiranam’ strives to create a level playing field for these children, offering them a fair chance to pursue their educational dreams and carve a path towards a brighter future. The ripple effects of the ‘Vidyakiranam’ scheme resonate far beyond the realms of financial assistance. By nurturing the educational aspirations of children from economically deprived backgrounds with disabled parents, the initiative plants seeds of hope, resilience, and empowerment in the hearts of these young minds. It instills a sense of confidence and self-belief in these children, showcasing that their circumstances do not define their potential or limit their dreams. Through ‘Vidyakiranam,’ the Kerala Social Justice Department not only provides tangible support but also ignites a spark of inspiration that propels these children towards academic excellence and personal growth.


Eligibility Criteria for Kerala Vidyakiranam Scheme

  • The eligibility criteria for the Kerala Vidyakiranam Scheme serve as a guiding light for ensuring that the scholarships reach the deserving children of disabled parents in the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category. This targeted approach aims to provide support to those facing economic hardships due to disability within their families, fostering a more inclusive and supportive educational environment.
  • To qualify for the Vidyakiranam Scheme, children must be from families where either the father or mother has a disability of 40% or above. This specific criterion ensures that the assistance is directed towards those families where the impact of disability is significant, warranting additional support to alleviate the associated challenges. By focusing on families with a higher degree of disability, the scheme aims to address the unique needs and circumstances of these children, offering them a pathway to educational empowerment and success.
  • Documentation plays a crucial role in the application process for the Vidyakiranam Scheme. Applicants are required to submit essential documents to verify their eligibility and facilitate the seamless provision of scholarships. A copy of the Below Poverty Line (BPL) ration card or an income certificate issued by the concerned Village Officer serves as proof of the family’s economic status, ensuring that the assistance reaches those in genuine need of support. This documentation requirement underscores the scheme’s commitment to transparency and accountability, guaranteeing that the scholarships are channeled towards the intended beneficiaries.
  • Additionally, applicants must provide a copy of the Medical Board certificate indicating the percentage of disability of the parent. This medical documentation serves as a critical validation of the parent’s disability status, enabling the authorities to assess the severity of the condition and tailor the support accordingly. By mandating the submission of the Medical Board certificate, the scheme ensures that the scholarships are allocated to families where disability significantly impacts their financial well-being and educational opportunities.
  • Furthermore, an attested copy of the Disability ID card is a prerequisite for application to the Vidyakiranam Scheme. This ID card serves as official recognition of the parent’s disability status, validating their eligibility for the scheme’s benefits. By verifying the disability status through the Disability ID card, the scheme maintains integrity and fairness in the selection process, guaranteeing that the scholarships are rightfully awarded to children from families grappling with the challenges of disability and economic deprivation.


Guidelines for Kerala Vidyakiranam Scheme

  • The guidelines for the Kerala Vidyakiranam Scheme lay down the framework for the seamless provision of scholarships to students across various classes, ensuring equitable access to educational support for a duration of 10 months. This extended duration of assistance reflects the scheme’s commitment to fostering sustained academic growth and development among students, empowering them to pursue their educational aspirations without financial constraints hindering their progress.
  • Under the Vidyakiranam Scheme, assistance is disbursed as a one-time payment for each class, streamlining the distribution process and simplifying the financial support mechanism for students. This approach not only ensures the efficient allocation of resources but also enables students to benefit from the scholarship without the need for recurring applications or administrative hurdles, thereby promoting a hassle-free experience for the recipients.
  • To maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the scheme, individuals already receiving educational assistance from other schemes are deemed ineligible to apply under the Vidyakiranam Scheme. This exclusion criterion aims to prevent duplication of benefits and target those students who may not have access to other forms of financial aid, thereby maximizing the impact of the scholarships and reaching a broader spectrum of deserving candidates.
  • Moreover, the eligibility criteria specify that applicants must be pursuing courses from Government-approved institutions to qualify for the Vidyakiranam Scheme. This requirement underscores the scheme’s emphasis on supporting students enrolled in recognized educational programs, ensuring that the scholarships are directed towards individuals pursuing quality education in accredited institutions. Students enrolled in parallel colleges or undertaking part-time courses are exempt from applying, aligning the scheme’s focus on full-time, formal education pathways.
  • The application process for the Vidyakiranam Scheme mandates that duly filled application forms be submitted through the respective institution heads to the District Social Justice Officers. This structured approach streamlines the application procedure, facilitating efficient processing and verification of eligibility criteria. Upon successful validation, the scholarship amount is transferred directly to the bank accounts of the eligible beneficiaries, ensuring prompt and secure disbursement of financial assistance to support their educational journey. In summary, the guidelines for the Kerala Vidyakiranam Scheme establish a robust framework for the equitable distribution of scholarships, emphasizing accessibility, efficiency, and transparency in providing educational support to deserving students across various classes.