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Ladli Behna Yojana Form PDF Download

The Laadli Brahmin Yojana, initiated by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, aims to uplift and support the lower and middle-class women in the state by providing them with a monthly financial assistance of Rs 1000. This financial aid serves as a crucial resource for these women, empowering them to improve their livelihoods and become self-reliant individuals contributing to the growth of the state. The application process for the Ladli Brahmin Yojana has commenced, offering eligible sisters the opportunity to receive Rs 1,000 directly into their bank accounts on the 10th of every month. This consistent financial support not only benefits the individual women but also has a ripple effect on their families, communities, and the overall development of the state.


The Chief Minister Ladli Behna Yojana, represented by the Ladli Behna Yojana Form PDF, is a transformative scheme designed to empower mothers and sisters across Madhya Pradesh. By empowering women through this initiative, the scheme envisions a cascading effect of empowerment that transcends to uplift families, societies, the state, and the nation as a whole. The ambitious goal of benefiting 1 crore women in the state underscores the government’s commitment to fostering gender equality and socio-economic progress. To facilitate the implementation of the scheme, the Madhya Pradesh government has allocated Rs 12000 crore annually, demonstrating a substantial financial commitment to support the welfare and empowerment of women. The issuance of guidelines for filling the online application form streamlines the process for eligible women to apply and avail themselves of the scheme’s benefits efficiently.


One of the key features of the Mukhyamantri Ladli Brahmin Yojana is the simplified application process that eliminates the need for attaching income certificates and local residence proofs. By requiring only complete identification and Aadhar card details, the scheme ensures accessibility and inclusivity, enabling a broader spectrum of women to participate and benefit from the program. The removal of stringent documentation requirements not only eases the burden on applicants but also enhances the efficiency of the application process, enabling a more seamless and expedited disbursement of financial assistance to the deserving women of Madhya Pradesh. This streamlined approach reflects the government’s commitment to promoting transparency, accountability, and accessibility in the implementation of social welfare schemes.


Ladli Behna Yojana Form – How to fill Ladli Behna Yojana Form

  • To enhance the procedure for applying to the Ladli Brahmin Yojana, we can elaborate on the steps involved in the application process and highlight the significance of each stage in empowering women in Madhya Pradesh.
  • To initiate the application process for the Ladli Brahmin Yojana, eligible women are required to gather their family’s complete identification documents, their own complete ID, and Aadhaar card to present at the designated camp. This initial step ensures that the applicant’s identity and eligibility are verified accurately, laying the foundation for a transparent and efficient application process.
  • Once at the camp, the woman in charge will record all relevant information online based on the details provided in the application form. This digital record-keeping system not only streamlines the data collection process but also ensures the accuracy and security of the information submitted by the applicants, safeguarding their privacy and facilitating smooth communication between the applicants and the authorities.
  • Following the online data entry, a photograph of the woman will be captured on the spot and uploaded onto the portal. This visual verification step adds an extra layer of security and authenticity to the application process, confirming the identity of the applicant and reducing the likelihood of fraudulent activities, thereby maintaining the integrity of the scheme.
  • After the completion of the online application submission, the woman will receive a printout of the acknowledgment as a confirmation of her successful application. This acknowledgment serves as a tangible record of her participation in the scheme, providing reassurance and documentation for both the applicant and the authorities involved in the application process.
  • Subsequently, the list of applicants will be publicly displayed in the Gram Panchayat and Ward, fostering transparency and accountability in the selection process. By making the list accessible to the community, the scheme promotes inclusivity and encourages active participation and engagement from all stakeholders, creating a sense of ownership and collective responsibility towards women’s empowerment.
  • The offline application process for the Ladli Brahmin Yojana commenced on 25th March, with camps organized by administrative officers visiting every village to facilitate the application process. This decentralized approach ensures that women from remote areas have equal access to the scheme, promoting inclusivity and reaching a wider demographic of eligible beneficiaries. The application deadline of 20th April, with the possibility of extension if needed, allows ample time for interested women to apply and avail themselves of the scheme’s benefits. The diligent review of applications in May underscores the government’s commitment to thorough evaluation and fair distribution of resources, ensuring that deserving women receive the support they need to enhance their livelihoods and contribute to the socio-economic development of Madhya Pradesh.


Documents required for Ladli Brahm Yojana 2.0 form

  • Aadhar card
  • mobile number
  • Only complete ID and Aadhar card will be required
  • bank account information
  • passport size photo