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NIC Code List 2024 PDF Download

The National Industrial Classification Code, also known as the NIC Code, serves as a crucial statistical standard aimed at establishing a consistent database for diverse economic activities. This classification system plays a pivotal role in assessing and understanding the contributions of each economic activity to the national wealth.

By utilizing the NIC Code, businesses can be effectively categorized based on their activities, providing valuable insights for various Government Departments in India. The NIC Code, structured in 2-3 digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit formats, serves to capture the nuances of different business activities. The 2 and 3-digit codes delineate the Group of Business activity, while the 4-digit code specifies a class of business activity, and the 5-digit code further refines this classification to represent the Sub-Class of Business activity.

This detailed categorization system enables a comprehensive analysis of economic activities, aiding in the assessment of their impact on the national economy and facilitating informed decision-making processes. The NIC Code stands as a foundational tool in the realm of economic classification, providing a structured framework for evaluating and understanding the dynamic landscape of business activities within the country.