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The Government of West Bengal has taken a proactive approach to address the challenges faced by migrant workers through the implementation of the KSPS program. This scheme aims to provide comprehensive support to individuals working outside the state, offering financial compensation in case of unfortunate events like death or severe accidental injury. Additionally, the program extends assistance to mitigate various issues such as wage disputes, abuse, trafficking, and even unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters or pandemics. The KSPS program is a pioneering effort by the West Bengal government to empower and uplift the youth of the state by focusing on skill development, job opportunities, and entrepreneurship. By equipping young individuals with the necessary skills and resources, the program aims to enhance their employability, foster economic growth, and create a conducive environment for sustainable development.


One of the key objectives of the KSPS program is to reduce unemployment rates in the region by providing vocational training and job placement services to the youth. Through strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders and skill development agencies, the program facilitates the transition of young individuals from training programs to gainful employment, thereby contributing to the overall socio-economic development of the state. The inception of the KSPS program marked a significant milestone in the state’s efforts to address youth unemployment and promote self-reliance among its citizens. By offering a platform for skill enhancement, job creation, and entrepreneurial ventures, the program has not only empowered the youth but has also catalyzed economic growth and innovation across various sectors.


The effective implementation of the KSPS program has yielded positive outcomes in terms of increased employment opportunities, enhanced productivity, and a more skilled workforce. Through targeted interventions and capacity-building initiatives, the program has successfully bridged the gap between industry requirements and the skill sets of the youth, paving the way for sustainable livelihoods and economic prosperity. Furthermore, the KSPS program has had a ripple effect on the socio-economic landscape of West Bengal, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, and self-reliance among the youth. By nurturing a conducive ecosystem for startups and small businesses, the program has unleashed the entrepreneurial spirit of the youth, driving economic diversification and job creation in the state.


Karma Sathi Parijayee Shramik Scheme Objective

Skill Development: The KSPS program was meticulously designed to empower the youth with a diverse set of skills through structured training programs spanning multiple sectors. By offering specialized training modules tailored to the evolving needs of industries, the program aimed to equip young individuals with the necessary expertise to excel in their chosen fields. These training initiatives not only focused on technical skills but also emphasized soft skills, communication abilities, and problem-solving techniques, ensuring that participants were well-rounded and prepared for the demands of the modern workforce.

Employment Generation: Central to the KSPS program was the objective of fostering sustainable employment opportunities for the youth of West Bengal. Through strategic collaborations with leading organizations in the public and private sectors, the program facilitated seamless job placements for trained candidates. By bridging the gap between skilled individuals and prospective employers, KSPS played a pivotal role in reducing unemployment rates, boosting economic growth, and fostering a conducive environment for professional advancement. The program’s emphasis on matching candidates with suitable job roles based on their skill sets and aspirations contributed significantly to the success of employment generation initiatives.

Entrepreneurship Promotion: In line with the spirit of innovation and self-reliance, the KSPS program actively promoted entrepreneurship among the youth of West Bengal. By offering financial assistance, mentorship, and guidance to budding entrepreneurs, KSPS nurtured a culture of innovation and risk-taking, encouraging young individuals to explore their entrepreneurial aspirations. Through targeted interventions such as business development workshops, access to seed funding, and networking opportunities, the program empowered aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into viable business ventures. The entrepreneurial ecosystem cultivated by KSPS not only stimulated economic growth but also fueled creativity, job creation, and sustainable development across the state.

Inclusivity: A cornerstone of the KSPS program was its unwavering commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunity. By ensuring that access to training, employment, and entrepreneurial support was available to all segments of society, irrespective of caste, creed, or gender, the program promoted social equity and diversity. Through proactive measures to eliminate barriers to entry and create a level playing field for all participants, KSPS exemplified the principles of inclusivity and empowerment, fostering a culture of unity, collaboration, and mutual respect among the youth of West.


Porijayi Shramik Form – Procedure

  • To access the benefits and services offered, the applicant themselves or their relatives, in case the migrant worker is present at their workplace, must personally attend the DUARE SARKAR Camp. It is crucial to bring along all the necessary documents mentioned earlier for a smooth processing experience.
  • Upon submission, the Registering Authority will conduct a thorough physical verification of each application to ensure its validity and accuracy. This verification step is essential to maintain the integrity of the process and safeguard against any discrepancies.
  • Once the application is verified and deemed eligible, the services will be promptly delivered to the deserving applicant. This streamlined approach ensures that those in need receive timely assistance and support through the DUARE SARKAR initiative, fostering a more efficient and transparent service delivery system.


Documents Required for Karma Sathi Parijayee Shramik Form

  • Photo Identity Proof
  • Residence Proof
  • Age Proof
  • Proof of Educational Qualification
  • Caste Certificate (if, applicable)
  • Detailed Project Report
  • Bank Passbook Copy