You can download the Ration Card Form (No. 14) West Bengal Bengali PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


Ration Card Form (No. 14) West Bengal Bengali PDF Download

Ration Card Form (No. 14) is the go-to application form for individuals looking to shift to a new family. This form, issued by the Food and Supply Department, West Bengal, can be easily accessed from the official website or through the link provided below.

Ration Card 14 Number Form serves the purpose of address relocation, whether due to marriage, divorce, or other reasons. The convenience of downloading the form online streamlines the process for residents of West Bengal seeking to update their ration card details. By utilizing this form, individuals can ensure a smooth transition of address within the ration card system, facilitating access to essential commodities through the West Bengal Public Distribution System (WBPDS) website. Remember, accuracy and completeness in filling out the form are key to a successful update of your ration card information.


Details to be Mentioned in Ration Card 14 No. Form

  • When filling out the form, it’s crucial to include the existing card type and number of the person shifting into the new family,
  • as well as those of the head of the family or any other member where the applicant intends to move.
  • Clearly stating the reason for the shift is essential, along with providing contact details of the family the applicant is relocating to.
  • Additionally, including Aadhaar details of all existing DRC holders of the new family,
  • comprehensive address details,
  • and any other relevant information will ensure a complete and accurate submission.
  • By furnishing these details accurately, applicants can expedite the process of updating their ration card information effectively.


Ration Card Form 14 West Bengal – Documents Required

  1. the digital ration card of the head of the family or one existing cardholder,
  2. along with Aadhaar documents of the applicants. For cases involving marriage,
  3. provide proof of marriage and documents establishing a relationship with the family. Similarly,
  4. for divorce or separation, attach proof of divorce. Remember, if the applicant is under 5 years old,
  5. a copy of the Aadhaar card is not mandatory; instead, submit a copy of the birth certificate. It’s vital to include all necessary documents that establish relationships with the family members.
  6. Additionally, don’t forget to include a copy of the DRC of the head of the family and the husband/father/guardian of the new family.
  7. Lastly, for any other reasons, a declaration with the signature of the member of the new family is required to complete the submission process effectively.


How to Apply Ration Card Form 14 in West Bengal

Begin by downloading the Ration Card Form 14 using the provided link and then proceed to print it out. Next, ensure to fill in the applicant’s name, address, mobile number, and Aadhaar number in the application form accurately. Following this, provide the names and complete details of all family members as required. Once the form is filled out, remember to sign it at all the designated places to validate the information provided. This step is crucial to ensure the completeness and authenticity of the application. By following these detailed steps meticulously, you can streamline the process and submit a well-documented application for the Ration Card effectively.