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RGHS Rajasthan Hospital List Jaipur 2024 PDF Download

The government of Rajasthan has been actively ensuring medical facilities for Hon’ble MLAs, Ex-MLAs, State Government employees, and pensioners through various rules, schemes, and Medical Insurance Policies. Additionally, State Autonomous bodies, Boards, and Corporations are also providing medical facilities through their respective regulations. It’s essential to note that all hospitals approved by the State Government and Public-Private Partnership Hospitals are eligible to offer medical services under this scheme, following specified norms and conditions. In critical situations, treatment can be sought in Referral Hospitals upon proper authorization from the competent authority.

The Scheme operates based on CGHS rates and provisions, ensuring that treatment in empaneled hospitals aligns with the set guidelines unless amended under the Scheme. This comprehensive approach underscores the government’s commitment to providing accessible and quality healthcare services to its officials and employees, emphasizing the importance of timely and effective medical assistance in various healthcare settings.


RGHS Rajasthan Hospital Provides

  • In addition to OPD treatment, the scheme offers a cashless facility for IPD/day care services, ensuring that individuals can access inpatient and daycare services without financial burden.
  • Moreover, investigations can be conducted at Government and Empaneled Diagnostic centers, facilitating prompt and accurate diagnostic procedures for patients.
  • Family welfare, maternity, and child health services are also encompassed within the scheme, emphasizing the holistic approach to healthcare delivery.
  • These services play a vital role in promoting the well-being of families and ensuring the health and safety of mothers and children.
  • By incorporating these diverse healthcare services, the scheme aims to address the comprehensive healthcare needs of individuals and families, promoting preventive care, early intervention, and access to quality medical services.
  • This multifaceted approach underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility and promoting overall health and well-being in the community.