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WBBSE Holiday List 2024 PDF Download

In addition to the closure of specific offices under the Government of West Bengal, it has been officially communicated that the offices of the Registrar of Assurances, Kolkata, and Collector of the Stamp Revenue, Kolkata will remain operational on designated days specified in List II for the year 2024. This arrangement ensures the continuity of essential services provided by these offices, emphasizing their critical role in facilitating administrative processes and public services throughout the year.

The notification further clarifies that while the majority of government offices in West Bengal will observe closures on public holidays, the offices of the Registrar of Assurances and Collector of the Stamp Revenue in Kolkata will uphold their operational functions on select days outlined in List II. This strategic decision aims to balance the need for administrative efficiency and service delivery with the recognition of public holidays, ensuring that crucial services remain accessible to citizens without interruption.

By delineating the operational status of specific government offices in West Bengal, the notification underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining a functional and responsive administrative framework. The delineation of closure days for most government offices, coupled with the operational continuity of key offices such as the Registrar of Assurances and Collector of the Stamp Revenue, reflects a nuanced approach to managing administrative operations while honoring public holidays and observances.

The notification serves as a guiding document for government employees, stakeholders, and the general public, providing clarity on the operational status of government offices throughout the year. By adhering to the specified closure days and exceptions outlined in List II, individuals can effectively plan their engagements with government offices, anticipate service availability, and align their interactions with the administrative schedule in West Bengal.

Furthermore, the notification’s emphasis on maintaining operational continuity for specific offices highlights the strategic importance of the Registrar of Assurances and Collector of the Stamp Revenue in Kolkata. These offices play a pivotal role in overseeing crucial functions related to property transactions, revenue collection, and documentation, necessitating their operational presence on designated days to support ongoing administrative processes and public service delivery.


In conclusion, the notification regarding office closures under the Government of West Bengal for the year 2024 strikes a balance between honoring public holidays and ensuring the uninterrupted provision of essential services. By delineating closure days and exceptions for specific offices, the notification promotes transparency, efficiency, and operational clarity within the administrative framework, underscoring the government’s commitment to effective governance and service delivery.