You can download the Aadhaar Update Form PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


Aadhaar Update Form PDF Download

The Aadhaar Update Form PDF serves as a convenient tool for individuals to rectify and update information on their Aadhaar card, ensuring accuracy and completeness of personal details. Accessible for download via the provided link or obtainable from the nearest Aadhaar Center or CSC Center, the form simplifies the process of updating essential information on the Aadhaar card, streamlining the correction process for cardholders.

By utilizing the Aadhaar Update Form, cardholders can make necessary modifications to crucial details such as their Surname, Date of Birth, Address, and other relevant information, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of their Aadhaar card data. Upon acquiring the form, individuals are required to accurately fill in the revised details and provide supporting documents to substantiate the requested changes, ensuring the authenticity and validity of the updated information.

The flexibility of the Aadhaar Update Form allows individuals to effectuate changes based on the submission of valid proof corresponding to the requested modifications, maintaining the integrity and reliability of the Aadhaar card data. Whether updating personal information due to a change in surname, address, or other pertinent details, the form facilitates a seamless process for cardholders to ensure that their Aadhaar card reflects the most up-to-date and accurate information in alignment with their current circumstances.

Furthermore, the Aadhaar Update Form serves as a vital tool in enabling individuals to proactively manage and maintain the correctness of their Aadhaar card details, empowering them to uphold the integrity and relevance of their identity documentation. By adhering to the prescribed procedures outlined in the form and providing requisite supporting documents, individuals can navigate the update process efficiently and effectively, ensuring that their Aadhaar card remains a reliable and accurate source of personal identification in various transactions and official engagements.

In essence, the Aadhaar Update Form PDF stands as a user-friendly resource that empowers individuals to uphold the accuracy and relevance of their Aadhaar card information, facilitating seamless updates and corrections to ensure the integrity and reliability of their personal identity documentation.


Aadhaar Update Form – Details to be Mentioned

  • Pre Enrolment ID
  • Types of Resident Aadhaar Numbers
  • Full Name
  • Present Address
  • Mobile Number and Email ID
  • Verification Type
  • And any other details


Aadhaar Update Form – Online/Offline Procedure

  • The process of updating your Aadhaar card details, whether online or offline, involves several crucial steps to ensure the accuracy and validity of the information reflected on your card. To initiate the update process, individuals are required to obtain the Aadhaar Update Form, which serves as the primary tool for making corrections and modifications to essential details.
  • After acquiring the form, applicants must diligently fill in the necessary information, paying particular attention to accuracy and completeness. Subsequently, individuals are tasked with enclosing supporting documents that substantiate the proposed changes, such as proof of address modification or other pertinent details. In cases where applicants lack the requisite proof for the update/change, verification can be facilitated through the Introducer or Head of Family (HoF) based process, ensuring the authenticity and validity of the requested modifications.
  • For comprehensive updates encompassing demographic details like Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Mobile Number, and Email, as well as Biometrics including fingerprints, Iris, and photograph, a visit to the Permanent Enrolment Center is mandated. This step ensures that all essential information on your Aadhaar card is accurately updated and aligned with your current details, enhancing the reliability and relevance of your identity documentation.
  • When opting for the online Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) for updates, it is imperative that your mobile number is registered with Aadhaar to facilitate the verification process seamlessly. Alternatively, individuals without a registered mobile number can visit the nearest Permanent Enrolment Center with the requisite supporting documents to initiate the update process efficiently.
  • Upon successful submission of an online address update request, applicants receive a unique Update Request Number (URN) in the format 0000/00XXX/XXXXX. This URN is displayed on the screen and also sent via SMS to the registered mobile number, enabling individuals to track the status of their Aadhaar update using the provided URN and Aadhaar number on the official SSUP portal:
  • By following these prescribed procedures diligently and adhering to the requisite documentation requirements, individuals can navigate the Aadhaar update process effectively, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of their Aadhaar card information in alignment with their current details and circumstances.