You can download the Bihar Board 11th Exam Date 2023 Science PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


Bihar Board 11th Exam Date 2023 Science PDF Download

The Bihar Board recently unveiled the exam date sheet and timetable for the Class 11 Monthly exam 2023 on September 21, 2023. This crucial announcement provides students with essential information regarding the schedule and structure of their upcoming examinations. It is vital for students to stay updated with these dates to effectively plan and prepare for their assessments. In addition to the written examinations, practical exams for Class 11 are scheduled to take place in January 2024. Practical exams offer students the opportunity to demonstrate their hands-on skills and practical knowledge in various subjects, complementing the theoretical aspects covered in the classroom.


For Class 12 students, the Bihar board exam date for 2024 is accessible for download on the official Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) website at The BSEB 12th timetable for 2024 outlines the exam dates, timings, and provides important guidelines and instructions for students appearing in the examinations. It is essential for students to familiarize themselves with the timetable to ensure they are well-prepared and organized for their exams. By following the guidelines and instructions provided in the BSEB 12th examination date sheet for 2024, students can effectively manage their study schedules, allocate time for revision, and approach the exams with confidence. Proper planning and adherence to the timetable can significantly enhance students’ performance and help them excel in their academic pursuits.


It is recommended for students to thoroughly review the entire article containing details on the Bihar Board exam dates for Class 12 in 2024. By understanding the exam schedule, students can strategize their study plans, seek clarification on any uncertainties, and approach the examinations with a focused and determined mindset. In conclusion, the release of the Bihar Board exam date sheet and timetable for Class 11 and Class 12 exams is a pivotal moment for students as it marks the beginning of their exam preparation journey. By utilizing the provided resources, adhering to the timetable, and engaging in effective study practices, students can navigate the exam period successfully and achieve academic excellence. Preparation is the key to success, and with dedication and diligence, students can ace their exams and progress towards their educational goals.


How to Download Bihar Board 11th Exam Date 2023?

  • Begin by accessing the official Bihar Board website at This is where you will find the relevant details regarding the exam dates and timetable for Class 11.
  • Navigate to the newest update section on the website to locate the link for the BSEB 11th timetable 2023. This section will provide you with the most recent updates and announcements related to the exam schedule.
  • Once you have identified the link, click on it to access the PDF version of the Bihar Board 11th date sheet for 2023. This document will outline the specific dates and timings for the exams, allowing you to plan your study schedule effectively.
  • After reviewing the date sheet, proceed to download the document and consider taking a printout for easy reference. Having a physical copy of the exam dates will help you stay organized and ensure you are well-prepared for each assessment.
  • To reinforce your memory of the exam dates, consider placing the Class 12 Bihar Board exam date 2023 schedule next to your study table. This visual reminder will serve as a helpful reference point and assist you in staying on track with your exam preparation.
  • By following these steps and incorporating the exam schedule into your study routine, you can effectively manage your time, track important dates, and approach the exams with confidence. Preparation and organization are key components of exam success, and by utilizing these strategies, you can optimize your study efforts and perform to the best of your abilities during the Class 11 Bihar Board exams in 2023.