You can download the Bihar Police Rejected List 2023 PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


Bihar Police Rejected List 2023 PDF Download

Advertisement No. 01/2023 regarding the Constable Cadre recruitment in Bihar Police. It’s crucial to ensure that all candidates have uploaded their photos and signatures correctly, both in Hindi and English, as part of the online application process. The notification highlights that some candidates have either not uploaded their photos and signatures or have done so in an unclear manner. This issue needs to be addressed promptly to avoid any complications in the application process.


To rectify this, candidates are advised to log in to the specified link on the Bihar Police tab of the Council’s website,, between 02.08.2023 and 08.08.2023. During this period, candidates should re-upload their photos and signatures in both Hindi and English, ensuring that they meet the prescribed quality standards. It’s emphasized that this opportunity to re-upload the photos and signatures is the final chance for candidates to correct any errors in their application. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of their candidature without prior notice. Therefore, it’s essential for candidates to take this directive seriously and comply with the re-uploading requirements within the specified timeframe.


The attachment mentioned in the notification is vital for candidates to review and understand the specific requirements for the re-uploading process. By following these instructions diligently, candidates can ensure that their application remains valid and that they have fulfilled all the necessary criteria for the Constable Cadre recruitment in Bihar Police. In conclusion, it’s important for candidates to adhere to the instructions provided in the notification to avoid any potential issues with their application. By promptly re-uploading their photos and signatures in the prescribed quality, candidates can secure their candidacy for the Constable Cadre position and progress smoothly through the recruitment process.