You can download the BPSC 67th Mains Result PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


BPSC 67th Mains Result PDF Download

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) recently announced the release of the BPSC 67th Mains Result PDF on the official website Candidates can access the result directly by downloading it from the link provided at the bottom of the webpage. The declaration of the result marked a significant milestone in the recruitment process conducted by the BPSC. A total of 2104 candidates participated in the examination, with 2075 candidates advancing to the interview round held from October 9 to October 20, 2023. The interview phase served as a crucial component in evaluating the candidates’ suitability for key positions within the Bihar Administrative Service and Bihar Police Service.


Following the conclusion of the interview round, the state welcomed 88 new officers into the Bihar Administrative Service and 20 officers into the Bihar Police Service. The appointment of these officers signifies a pivotal moment in enhancing the administrative and law enforcement capacities within the state. Noteworthy achievements were observed among the toppers of the Bihar Administrative Service, with two female candidates securing top positions based on seniority. Aman Anand emerged as the overall topper, showcasing exemplary performance and dedication throughout the selection process. The diverse representation among the top candidates reflects the inclusive and progressive ethos of the recruitment system.


Furthermore, the examination results revealed the selection of 137 candidates as Sub-Divisional Backward Class and Extremely Backward Class Officers. This diverse cohort of officers brings a range of perspectives and experiences to their respective roles, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable governance structure within Bihar. The successful candidates have demonstrated exceptional skills, knowledge, and dedication, positioning them as valuable assets to the administrative and law enforcement sectors in Bihar. Their appointment not only signifies personal achievement but also underscores the commitment of the BPSC to recruit and nurture talented individuals for key positions in public service.

The BPSC 67th Mains Result stands as a testament to the rigorous selection process and the caliber of candidates who have successfully navigated through the various stages of assessment. The newly appointed officers are poised to make meaningful contributions to the state’s development and governance, embodying the principles of integrity, service, and excellence in their roles.


BPSC 67th Mains ResultĀ  How to Download

  • To access the BPSC 67th Final Result 2023, the first step is to navigate to the official website of the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) by visiting Once on the homepage of the website, locate and click on the specific link labeled “BPSC 67th Final Result 2023.” This link is typically prominently displayed on the homepage for easy access.
  • Upon clicking the designated link, a new page will open, presenting the BPSC 67th Final Result 2023 in a PDF format. Candidates can then proceed to view and verify their individual results within the PDF document. It’s essential to carefully review the information provided in the result to ensure accuracy and clarity regarding the outcome of the examination.
  • After reviewing the result, candidates are advised to download the PDF file to their device for future reference and record-keeping. It is recommended to retain a hard copy of the downloaded result for any necessary documentation or further requirements. Keeping a physical copy ensures easy access to the information whenever needed and serves as a tangible record of the candidate’s achievement in the BPSC 67th examination.
  • By following these steps and maintaining a copy of the result, candidates can effectively track their progress in the selection process and have the necessary documentation on hand for any future correspondence or inquiries related to the BPSC 67th examination. This proactive approach helps candidates stay organized and prepared for any subsequent stages or requirements that may arise in the recruitment process.
  • Remember, staying informed and maintaining records of important documents like examination results is crucial for candidates navigating through competitive selection processes such as the BPSC 67th examination. By following these steps diligently, candidates can ensure they are well-prepared and equipped with the necessary information for their future endeavors in the recruitment process.