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Central Government Holidays List 2024 PDF Download

The Central Govt Holiday List 2024 PDF is a valuable resource for individuals to know the holidays recognized by the government throughout the year. By accessing this list, people can schedule their activities, events, and vacations accordingly, ensuring they make the most of the holidays and plan their work efficiently.

Downloading the Central Govt Holiday List 2024 PDF from the official website or through the provided link streamlines the process for individuals to access the information conveniently. Having the PDF available for download allows people to keep a digital copy on their devices, making it easily accessible whenever they need to refer to it.

The Ministry of Personnel, Public, and Pensions Department’s initiative to release the holiday list in PDF format demonstrates their commitment to providing transparent and accessible information to the public. This digital format enables individuals to view and download the holiday list with ease, enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring widespread dissemination of the holiday information.

By making the Central Govt Holiday List 2024 PDF readily available, the government facilitates better planning and coordination for both individuals and organizations. This list serves as a guide for people to anticipate upcoming holidays, plan their schedules, and make arrangements in advance, promoting efficiency and productivity in various sectors.

In conclusion, the release of the Central Govt Holiday List 2024 PDF by the Ministry of Personnel, Public, and Pensions Department is a beneficial resource for the public. Accessible through the official website or downloadable via the provided link, this PDF empowers individuals to stay informed about government-recognized holidays and effectively plan their activities throughout the year. It’s a step towards promoting organization, efficiency, and well-informed decision-making among the populace.


Central Government Administrative Offices located outside Delhi / New Delhi shall observe the following holidays compulsorily in addition to three holidays, to be chosen out of the 12 optional holidays indicated below in para 3.1

  • Republic day
  • Independence day
  • Mahatma gandhi’s birthday
  • Buddha purnima
  • Christmas day
  • Dussehra (vijayadashami)
  • Diwali (deepavali)
  • Good Friday
  • Guru nanak’s birthday
  • Eid ul fitr
  • Mahavir jayanti
  • Muharram
  • Prophet mohammad’s birthday (id-e-milad)