You can download the CG Dhan Panjiyan Form Hindi PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


CG Dhan Panjiyan Form Hindi PDF Download

farmers who wish to register can visit the official website of Chhattisgarh CG Dhan Panjiyan at By accessing the website, farmers from Chhattisgarh state can conveniently check the CG Dhan Panjiyan List from the comfort of their homes using their mobile devices. This allows them to view details such as the amount of money received for their crops and the total earnings.

By registering and checking the CG Dhan Panjiyan List, farmers can stay informed about their transactions and earnings, facilitating a smoother process for selling their crops. The online platform provides a user-friendly interface for farmers to access essential information related to their sales and payments.

Ensuring that farmers have easy access to information about their transactions and earnings is crucial for their financial well-being. The digital platform simplifies the process, enabling farmers to manage their sales effectively and receive the correct payments for their hard work.

By utilizing the online resources provided by the Chhattisgarh Government, farmers can streamline their selling process and stay updated on their earnings. This initiative aims to empower farmers by offering them a convenient and transparent system to track their sales and payments accurately.

In conclusion, the availability of the LEO CG Dhan Panjiyan Form PDF and the online platform for checking the CG Dhan Panjiyan List offer farmers in Chhattisgarh a valuable tool to manage their crop sales efficiently. By utilizing these resources, farmers can enhance their selling experience and ensure they receive fair compensation for their agricultural produce.


CG Dhan Panjiyan Form – Process of registration

Upon registration, farmers will receive a unique ID, and they will be informed about the status of their applications through email. For joint account holder farmers, registration can be completed separately under the primary account holder’s name or a nominee chosen by all account holders with mutual agreement. A self-declaration form and consent from all account holders are required for this process.

For farmers in institutional/regha/sharecroppers/lease (combined)/Duban areas, registration will follow the guidelines set by the Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Protection Department. A dedicated link will be provided on the portal for this specific registration process.

Farmers cultivating Kharif season agricultural crops, horticultural crops, and tree plantations are eligible for registration on the portal. Additionally, farmers engaged in aromatic paddy, fortified paddy, agricultural crops, horticultural crops, and tree plantation in place of paddy must register based on the area allocated/sold for paddy procurement during Kharif 2020.

By ensuring proper registration and compliance with the guidelines, farmers can access the benefits of these schemes and contribute to the sustainable growth of agriculture in the region. The registration process aims to streamline the administration of these initiatives and provide farmers with the support they need to enhance their agricultural practices and economic well-being.