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Duare Sarkar, also known as the “Government at Doorstep,” is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing essential public services to all individuals, including vulnerable groups like senior citizens, persons with disabilities, transgenders, commercial sex workers, prison inmates, the impoverished, and marginalized communities who previously faced challenges accessing government services. The government of West Bengal has executed a total of four phases of Duare Sarkar Camps, organizing an impressive 3,21,102 camps to date. Through these camps, over 74.52 million citizens have registered to benefit from various government schemes and services. The success and impact of the initiative have been significant, reaching a wide range of individuals and communities in need.


As West Bengal gears up for the fifth phase of Duare Sarkar Camps, scheduled to commence on November 1, 2022, the momentum and dedication to providing accessible and efficient public services continue to grow. The upcoming phase is poised to extend the reach of government services even further, ensuring that more individuals, especially those who have historically faced barriers to access, can benefit from the support and assistance offered through the Duare Sarkar initiative. Through the continued implementation and expansion of Duare Sarkar, the government of West Bengal demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity, efficiency, and responsiveness to the needs of its citizens. By bringing essential services directly to the doorsteps of those who need them most, the initiative not only enhances access but also fosters a sense of community engagement and empowerment among individuals from diverse backgrounds and circumstances.


The multi-phase approach of Duare Sarkar reflects a comprehensive strategy to address the diverse needs of the population and ensure that no one is left behind in receiving vital government services and support. By leveraging innovative administrative practices and a people-centric approach, the initiative sets a benchmark for effective governance and public service delivery, reaffirming the government’s dedication to serving all citizens equitably and inclusively. As the fifth phase of Duare Sarkar Camps approaches, the anticipation and enthusiasm for furthering the reach and impact of the initiative are palpable. With each phase, more individuals are connected to essential services, creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for all members of society. The journey of Duare Sarkar exemplifies the power of proactive governance and community-centered initiatives in transforming lives and fostering a more equitable and accessible society for all.


Implementation of Duare Sarkar Camps

  • The state government has taken significant steps to ensure the effective implementation of Duare Sarkar camps through the establishment of a state-level Apex committee chaired by the chief secretary, HK Dwivedi. Additionally, a separate task force has been formed for Kolkata and other regions of the state to oversee the execution of the camps, showcasing a comprehensive and organized approach to reaching citizens with essential services.
  • In the Apex committee, the involvement of secretaries from various departments adds expertise and diverse perspectives to the decision-making process, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the initiative. This collaborative effort ensures that the implementation of Duare Sarkar is well-coordinated and addresses the needs of different sectors and communities.
  • To streamline the registration process for users, a hierarchical system has been put in place, enabling individuals to access the portal through OTP-based verification at multiple levels. This approach not only ensures secure access but also facilitates a user-friendly experience for individuals seeking to benefit from the services offered at the Duare Sarkar camps.
  • By allowing users to view the camp schedule and locations on the portal, the initiative promotes transparency and accessibility, empowering individuals to engage with the program proactively. The registration of beneficiaries and their participation in the camps, along with the schemes they avail, are diligently recorded on the portal, enabling efficient data management and tracking of services provided.
  • The integration of departmental schemes for data sharing enhances the coordination and coherence of services, ensuring a holistic approach to meeting the diverse needs of beneficiaries. Through the delivery of services directly to the doorstep of the beneficiary, Duare Sarkar exemplifies a commitment to convenience and accessibility, prioritizing the well-being and convenience of citizens.
  • The development of a robust IT system for camp scheduling, including GPS details, underscores the government’s dedication to leveraging technology for efficient planning and execution. Real-time data capture during camp visits enables proactive decision-making, facilitating optimal resource allocation and infrastructure planning to meet the demand for services effectively.
  • By utilizing online registration facilities, the initiative anticipates and responds to the volume of service demands, enabling proactive planning and resource allocation based on user needs. The reporting of key performance indicators through IT systems ensures accountability and transparency, enabling continuous monitoring and evaluation of the initiative’s impact and effectiveness.