You can download the EPFO Life Certificate Form PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


EPFO Life Certificate Form PDF Download

Understanding the process of submitting a Life Certificate for pension beneficiaries, including children pensioners, is essential for ensuring the smooth continuation of pension benefits. The Life Certificate must be completed annually in November, following a specific format provided for this purpose. It is mandatory to include essential details such as your Aadhaar card number, pension payment order (PPO) number, bank account information, and mobile number during the biometric verification process for the digital life certificate.

The EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) Life Certificate Form serves as a vital document for pensioners to validate their existence and eligibility to receive pension payments from the EPFO. This form plays a crucial role in verifying pensioners’ ongoing eligibility to receive pension benefits and is a standard requirement to be fulfilled annually to ensure the uninterrupted disbursement of pension funds. By adhering to the prescribed procedures and submitting the necessary information accurately, pensioners contribute to the efficient and transparent administration of pension schemes within the EPFO framework.


Details to be Mention in Life Certificate Form

  • Name of Pensioner
  • P.O.No
  • Bank Details
  • And any other details