You can download the Form 22 ESIC (Funeral Expense Claim) PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


Form 22 ESIC (Funeral Expense Claim) PDF Download

To begin with, downloading Form 22 ESIC in PDF format is a crucial step in claiming funeral expenses through the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) in India. This form, available on the official ESIC website or through the provided link, is specifically designed to facilitate the process of claiming funeral expenses for the deceased insured person. Form 22 ESIC, also known as a medical acceptance card, holds significant importance as it acts as an official identification card for insured individuals and their family members. This card is essential for accessing medical benefits provided by the ESIC scheme, ensuring that beneficiaries can avail themselves of the necessary healthcare services without any hassle.


When it comes to claiming funeral expenses, a nominee or, in the absence of a nominee, the eldest surviving family member of the deceased insured person is responsible for submitting a claim in the prescribed format. This claim is crucial for reimbursing the expenses incurred towards the funeral arrangements of the insured individual, providing financial support during a challenging time for the family. In situations involving minors, the guardian plays a vital role in the claims process. The guardian is required to sign the Claim Form on behalf of the minor and include specific details below their signature to validate the claim. This procedure ensures that minors are also able to access the benefits entitled to them under the ESIC scheme, with the guardian acting in their best interests.


Moreover, it is essential to carefully fill out all the necessary details in Form 22 ESIC to avoid any delays or complications in processing the funeral expenses claim. Providing accurate information and supporting documentation can expedite the approval and disbursement of funds, offering timely assistance to the bereaved family members. By following the prescribed procedures and guidelines outlined by the ESIC, applicants can navigate the funeral expenses claim process smoothly and efficiently. Accessing the Form 22 ESIC and submitting the claim in the required format demonstrates compliance with the regulatory requirements, ensuring that the funeral expenses are appropriately covered under the ESIC scheme.


In conclusion, the availability of Form 22 ESIC and adherence to the stipulated procedures are essential in facilitating the smooth processing of funeral expenses claims through the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation. This structured approach not only streamlines the claim process but also provides much-needed financial support to the families of insured individuals during challenging times.


Details to be Mention in Form 22 ESIC

  • Name of the Death of Member
  • Insurance No
  • Employment ID and Code
  • Nominee Name & Address
  • And any other details