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G20 Summit Traffic Advisory Map PDF Download

The traffic advisory issued by the Delhi Traffic Police Department in anticipation of the upcoming G20 Summit in Delhi serves as a crucial guideline for ensuring smooth vehicular movements within the National Capital Region (NCR), with a particular focus on New Delhi District and its surrounding areas. This advisory is designed to prioritize public safety and convenience during the period leading up to and during the summit. The G20 Summit is scheduled to be hosted at the newly constructed Bharat Mandapam Convention Centre located in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Given the significance of this international event, traffic regulations will be strictly enforced in the vicinity of the convention center. The Delhi Police will conduct comprehensive full dress rehearsals for the summit, overseeing the movement of caravans from various parts of the national capital towards the New Delhi district to ensure a secure and organized event.


In light of these preparations, the Delhi Police has strongly recommended that commuters opt for the metro service on the specified dates of Saturday and Sunday (September 2 and 3). This proactive measure aims to alleviate traffic congestion and streamline transportation for residents and visitors alike during the summit-related activities and rehearsals. By encouraging the use of the metro service, the authorities are striving to enhance the overall efficiency and safety of travel within the city during this significant event. The traffic advisory issued by the Delhi Traffic Police Department underscores the meticulous planning and coordination required to manage the influx of traffic and ensure the smooth operation of vehicular movements in the NCR, especially in areas directly impacted by the G20 Summit. This strategic approach not only prioritizes public safety but also emphasizes the importance of minimizing disruptions and inconveniences for commuters and residents during this high-profile international gathering.


As the G20 Summit approaches, the collaborative efforts of the Delhi Traffic Police and other relevant authorities aim to create a secure and well-organized environment for all participants and attendees. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in the traffic advisory, individuals can contribute to the overall success of the summit and help maintain a safe and efficient traffic flow in and around New Delhi District and the surrounding areas. The proactive measures taken by the Delhi Police demonstrate their commitment to ensuring a seamless and secure experience for everyone involved in this significant event.


G20 Summit Traffic Advisory

To enhance the procedure you’ve outlined for commuters during the regulated zones for the upcoming events, we can provide additional details and guidance to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the recommended routes. By expanding on the existing information, we can create a more detailed and informative passage that will assist commuters in navigating the affected areas effectively. Commuters are strongly urged to avoid traveling to regions that fall within the regulated and controlled zones to minimize disruptions and congestion during the specified period. However, if travel to these areas is unavoidable, the following alternative routes can be considered to facilitate smoother and more efficient journeys:


For the North-South Corridor: Commence the journey from Ring Road, proceeding through Ashram Chowk and Sarai Kale Khan before transitioning onto the Delhi-Meerut Expressway. Continue along the Noida Link Road, then onto Pusa Road, crossing Yudhistir Setu and reaching ISBT Kashmere Gate. Follow the route along Ring Road until Majnu Ka Tila is reached.

Regarding the East-West Corridor: Begin the route from Sun Dial/DND Flyover, then merge onto Ring Road, passing through Ashram Chowk and the Moolchand Underpass. Proceed towards AIIMS Chowk, then continue along Ring Road towards Dhaula Kuan. Follow the path via Ring Road, passing through Brar Square and Naraina Flyover before reaching Rajouri Garden Junction. Continue along Ring Road, passing through Punjabi Bagh Junction, then Azad Pur Chowk.

An additional alternative route can be considered: From Yudhisthir Setu, merge onto Ring Road, then proceed through Chandgi Ram Akhara and Mall Road before reaching Azad Pur Chowk. Follow the route along Ring Road until Lala Jagat Narayan Marg is reached.

By providing detailed guidance on these alternative routes, commuters can plan their journeys effectively and navigate the regulated zones with greater ease and efficiency. These suggested routes aim to mitigate traffic congestion and facilitate smoother travel experiences for individuals navigating the affected areas during the specified period. Your proactive approach in considering alternative routes will contribute to a more seamless and stress-free commute during this time of increased traffic regulations and controls.