Google will start opening offices starting July 6th with a limited number of employees. In a photo posted on a blog published on Tuesday, a senior official at Sundar Pichai said that, while returning to work they would be making an annual election, those who needed to enter would be able to take turns – one day every few weeks. The company also offers employees $ 1,000 of home office equipment to make long-distance work easier.

In September, Google plans to bring more people into the office, until buildings reach about 30 percent. Those who need to enter to do their jobs will be notified on June 10th.

Photosi also said the company would change some of the long-term operating procedures after the outbreak. “Further, we look forward to improving our performance,” he wrote. “Our campuses are designed to work with the public … at the same time, we are familiar with the work being distributed as we have many offices around the world and we have an open mind about the lessons we will learn at this time.”

The news came just a week after Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would allow workers to work away from the epidemic.

Twitter and Square have already announced similar policies, adding remote working options for many permanent employees.