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The Haritha Karma Sena plays a crucial role in environmental sustainability by collecting non-biodegradable waste from households and establishments. This waste is then transported to shredding units for recycling, contributing to waste management and eco-friendly practices. The collected waste is meticulously segregated into different sections based on its characteristics and composition, ensuring efficient recycling and disposal processes.

The project focuses on recycling various types of waste materials, including H.M White, P.P, H.M, LDPrint, Bajar, Ganny, Bulb, PVC, steel, tubes, bottles, E-waste, LD (Glucose), bottle caps, spray bottles, and more. By categorizing the waste items, the Haritha Karma Sena Project aims to maximize recycling efforts and minimize environmental impact through sustainable waste management practices.

An integral part of the project’s mission involves repurposing shredded plastic for road construction purposes. The shredded plastic is provided to local bodies for road tarring initiatives, facilitated by the Clean Kerala Company. This innovative approach not only promotes recycling but also contributes to the development of eco-friendly infrastructure and sustainable road construction practices within the community.

By actively participating in the Haritha Karma Sena Project and supporting its initiatives, individuals can contribute to environmental conservation, waste reduction, and the promotion of sustainable practices. Accessing the Haritha Karma Sena Project PDF allows individuals to stay informed about the project’s progress, objectives, and environmental impact, fostering a sense of responsibility towards a cleaner and greener environment.


Haritha Karma Sena Project Objective

The Minister emphasized the goal of expanding vegetable cultivation through the use of bio-fertilizers derived from waste treatment processes. This initiative aims to achieve self-sufficiency in vegetable production, promoting sustainable agricultural practices and reducing dependency on external sources for vegetables. By utilizing bio-fertilizers, the project not only enhances crop yields but also contributes to environmental conservation through effective waste utilization.

Ms. Chinchurani highlighted the correlation between proper waste management and controlling stray dog attacks. Through efficient waste management practices, the project aims to reduce the number of stray dogs by 2030, creating a safer and cleaner environment for the community. This integrated approach demonstrates the project’s commitment to addressing both agricultural sustainability and public safety concerns through waste management strategies.

Kollam’s pioneering efforts in waste treatment include the establishment of a mechanized aerobic unit, a significant investment amounting to ₹40 lakhs. This advanced unit has the capacity to compost 3000 kg of waste daily, while also offering incineration services for items like pads and diapers, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly waste disposal methods. The incorporation of modern waste treatment technologies reflects Kollam’s commitment to sustainable waste management practices and environmental stewardship.

Under the coordination of the Haritha Karma Sena, the project involves the collection of both organic and inorganic waste materials. The Corporation aims to provide waste collection services to all households at an affordable monthly rate of ₹150, promoting community participation in waste management and fostering a cleaner living environment for residents. This inclusive approach ensures widespread engagement in sustainable waste disposal practices, contributing to the overall success of the project.

Mayor Prasanna Earnest emphasized the project’s expansion to coastal areas, envisioning a future where Kollam achieves 100% garbage-free status through these initiatives. The collective efforts of officials, Haritha Karma Sena members, and community leaders demonstrate a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and waste reduction goals. By working together towards a common objective, Kollam is poised to set a benchmark for effective waste management practices and sustainable development in the region.