You may have difficulty choosing quality Minecraft servers. There are many ton options to choose from. Depending on your choice, you can go for the best option. But the million dollar question is how can you get started? Since there are so many options, it will be difficult to make the choice. In this article, you will know where to search for a server. Once you have gone through the entire article, you will be able to get access to the best server.

View list of servers

There are tons of websites that provide a list of Minecraft services. You can check sites to choose the best server. Since lists are given based on the popularity of servers, you can search for active servers. However, keep in mind that some servers pay for a higher rank in the list. To identify these servers, you can see a star or label “sponsored” next to a list item.

Type of gameplay

You should go for the best gameplay type. In addition, tags or descriptions of the server will tell you what the server is. You may be familiar with most tags or descriptions, especially if you have played your favorite games on some of the most popular servers.


Most lists indicate the number of players who are logged into a specific server. How can you choose If you are looking for a server to play small games, we suggest that you check out a server that has at least 100 people signed in. Also, if you are looking for an intimate community, we suggest you prefer a server with about 50 people logged in.

Grief protection

Most players like this feature. The reason is that protection from grief makes it difficult for other players to take down your items and buildings. Typically, this is described in Survival servers. But you will not find this information on every online server.

Technical Info

You can also view technical information. Sometimes, you can get this information from the server details. Alternatively, you can see the tags used by the server lists to organize the server. But if you are not getting information at any of these places, then you want to go to the server’s website.

Server website

You should also browse the server site. Once you are on the site, you should check to find out if web pages or forum posts are great to see. Can you find information related to community, employees, facilities and server rules? In fact, good servers value their site, making it informative and user friendly.

Explore server

Finally, you may want to explore the server. As a matter of fact, it is important to try the server if you want to know more. In fact, good servers always have intermediaries and administrators who help people answer their questions. They are meant to tell you the rules and features of the server.

Hope, these tips will help you choose the best Minecraft server without any hassle.