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State highways in India and their role in the transportation network. State highways play a crucial role in connecting various regions within a state, linking major towns, district headquarters, and national highways. These highways serve as vital transportation arteries, facilitating the movement of people and goods across the state. With traffic volumes ranging from over 10,000 passenger car units (PCUs) to fewer than 30,000 PCUs, state highways cater to a significant number of vehicles, contributing to the overall transportation infrastructure of the state. The traffic on these highways reflects the economic activity and population density in the regions they traverse, highlighting their importance in supporting regional development and connectivity.

State highways not only provide essential links between urban and rural areas but also serve as key connectors to national highways, enabling seamless travel across different parts of the country. The strategic placement of state highways helps in reducing travel times, improving accessibility to various destinations, and enhancing overall connectivity within the state. Additionally, state highways play a crucial role in promoting tourism by providing access to popular tourist destinations, scenic routes, and cultural landmarks. The development and maintenance of state highways are essential for ensuring smooth traffic flow, enhancing road safety, and supporting economic growth through efficient transportation networks. State governments invest in the expansion and upkeep of state highways to meet the growing demands of urbanization, industrialization, and agricultural activities.

By prioritizing the development of state highways, governments aim to boost regional connectivity, spur economic development, and enhance the overall quality of transportation services for residents and businesses. The continuous improvement and expansion of state highways are vital for sustaining the socio-economic progress of the state and fostering greater integration with the national transportation network.