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Madhubabu Pension Yojana Beneficiary List PDF Download

That’s a great start with the information about the Madhu Babu Pension Yojana (MBPY) in Orissa! This pension scheme, initiated by the Women & Child Development Department of the Government of Orissa, plays a crucial role in supporting individuals across the state. The scheme’s widespread applicability throughout Orissa ensures that many individuals can benefit from its provisions.

Under the Madhu Babu Pension Yojana, individuals covered by the “State Old Age Pension Scheme, 1989” and the “Orissa Disability Pension Scheme, 1985” are automatically included as beneficiaries. This inclusive approach guarantees that those already receiving support under existing schemes continue to receive assistance through MBPY, with the added benefit of a pension of up to ₹700 per month.

The implementation of this scheme reflects the government’s commitment to social welfare and ensuring the well-being of its citizens. By extending support to existing beneficiaries and enhancing the monthly pension amount, the MBPY aims to alleviate financial burdens and improve the quality of life for those in need.

Moreover, the Madhu Babu Pension Yojana serves as a testament to the government’s efforts to address the needs of vulnerable populations and promote social security across the state. Through its provisions and outreach, the scheme contributes to fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals facing economic challenges and disabilities.

The impact of MBPY goes beyond providing financial assistance; it symbolizes a commitment to social justice, equality, and dignity for all residents of Orissa. By recognizing the importance of supporting older adults and individuals with disabilities, the scheme embodies the values of compassion and solidarity within the community.

Overall, the Madhu Babu Pension Yojana stands as a beacon of hope and support for those in Orissa, ensuring that essential financial aid reaches those who need it most. Through its provisions and inclusive nature, the scheme exemplifies the government’s dedication to enhancing the welfare and livelihoods of its citizens, making a meaningful difference in the lives of many individuals across the state.


Madhubabu Pension Yojana Eligibility:

A person will be eligible for a pension if He/She-

  • So, to be eligible for the Madhu Babu Pension Yojana (MBPY) in Orissa, individuals need to meet specific criteria.
  • Eligibility includes being 60 years of age or older, a widow (WP), a leprosy patient with visible signs of deformity, a person unable to do normal work due to disability, including blindness, orthopedic handicap, mental retardation, or cerebral palsy.
  • Additionally, widows of AIDS patients and AIDS patients identified by the State/District AIDS Control Society are eligible.
  • It’s essential that the individual’s family income does not exceed Rs. 24,000 per annum, certified by the Tahasildar.
  • Being a permanent resident of Odisha and not receiving any other pension from the central or state government or any government-aided organization are also prerequisites for availing the benefits of the scheme. These criteria ensure that the assistance reaches those who truly need it, supporting vulnerable individuals in the state of Orissa.