You can download the Maharashtra Board Time Table 2024 PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


Maharashtra Board Time Table 2024 PDF Download

The Maharashtra State Board Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has recently announced the Time Table for the 2024 examinations for classes 10th and 12th. Students can access the timetable on the official website at or download it directly from the link provided at the bottom of the page.

The release of the Time Table for the Maharashtra Board exams is a crucial moment for students preparing to appear for the 10th and 12th-grade examinations. By accessing the timetable, students gain valuable insights into the schedule of exams, enabling them to plan and organize their study routines effectively. The clear delineation of exam dates for both classes 10th and 12th facilitates students in managing their time efficiently and allocating sufficient time for preparation. According to the Time Table Notification, the Maharashtra Board class 12th examinations are set to commence from February 21 and conclude on March 19, 2024. Similarly, the class 10th examinations for the year 2024 are scheduled to take place from March 01 to March 26, 2024. This timeline provides students with a structured framework within which they can strategize their study plans, revise the syllabus comprehensively, and engage in practice sessions to enhance their preparedness for the upcoming exams.

Students are advised to make the most of the time available before the commencement of the examinations by focusing on key subjects, revisiting challenging topics, and seeking clarification on any doubts or concepts that require further understanding. Engaging in regular study sessions, practicing previous year question papers, and participating in mock tests can aid students in familiarizing themselves with the exam pattern and honing their problem-solving skills. Moreover, creating a study timetable that allocates dedicated time slots for each subject, incorporating short breaks for relaxation, and setting realistic goals can contribute to effective time management and reduce exam-related stress. By adopting a systematic approach to their study routine, students can enhance their retention of information, boost their confidence levels, and perform optimally in the Maharashtra Board examinations.

It is essential for students to maintain a balanced approach towards their exam preparation, encompassing both academic studies and self-care practices. Adequate rest, healthy eating habits, and regular exercise play a crucial role in sustaining mental alertness, physical well-being, and overall productivity during the exam period. Seeking support from teachers, mentors, or peers for academic guidance and emotional encouragement can also contribute to a positive exam experience for students.