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Minimum Wages in Delhi October 2023 Notification PDF Download

The revision of Variable Dearness Allowance is a significant development resulting from the diligent evaluation of the Consumer Price Index for Industrial workers. The increase in the average index from 378.58 to 385.97 as of 30.06.2023 has led to a notable rise of 7.39 points, prompting the adjustment of rates to reflect this change. This adjustment, authorized by the Central Government through Notification No. S.O. 2413(E) dated 28th July 2017 from the Ministry of Labour and Employment, underscores the commitment to ensuring fair compensation for employees in various sectors. Effective from 01.10.2023, the revised rates of Variable Dearness Allowance will come into effect for employees engaged in diverse industries, including Gypsum Mines, Barytes Mines, Bauxite Mines, and a host of other mineral extraction operations. The comprehensive list of sectors encompassed by this revision highlights the broad spectrum of industries where workers will benefit from the revised allowance rates, reflecting the government’s recognition of the diverse contributions made by employees across different sectors.


The adjustment of Variable Dearness Allowance rates serves as a testament to the government’s commitment to maintaining the economic well-being of workers in key mineral extraction industries. By aligning the allowance rates with the fluctuations in the Consumer Price Index, the government ensures that employees are fairly compensated to mitigate the impact of inflation and rising living costs. The inclusion of various mining sectors such as Manganese Mines, Copper Mines, and Quartzite Mines among others in the revised rates underscores the government’s recognition of the arduous work and dedication displayed by employees in these critical industries. The revision not only acknowledges the efforts of workers but also aims to provide them with a measure of financial stability in the face of economic fluctuations.

As employees in the specified sectors prepare to receive the revised Variable Dearness Allowance, they can take solace in the fact that their contributions to the industrial landscape are valued and acknowledged. This adjustment not only reflects the government’s responsiveness to economic indicators but also demonstrates a commitment to upholding the welfare of workers in vital sectors that drive the nation’s economic growth and development.