You can download the New Noida Master Plan 2041 PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


New Noida Master Plan 2041 PDF Download

The Master Plan for Dadri-Noida-Ghaziabad Investment Region (DNGIR), 2041, sets ambitious goals to transform the region into a cutting-edge industrial and educational hub on a global scale. This strategic blueprint aims to establish state-of-the-art industrial zones that are internationally competitive and foster a conducive environment for innovation and entrepreneurial ventures. By envisioning DNGIR as a nucleus for technological advancements and startup incubation, the plan seeks to propel the region towards becoming a beacon of progress and prosperity. Central to the Master Plan’s vision is the diversification of industries to promote economic growth and sustainability. The proposed sectors earmarked for development include Information Technology (IT) and IT-enabled Services (ITeS), electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, automobile production, solar panel fabrication, food processing, textile and garment manufacturing, defense equipment production, cement and tiles manufacturing, and the film industry. By fostering a diverse industrial landscape, the Master Plan aims to catalyze job creation, skill development, and technological innovation within the region.


In alignment with the Master Plan’s objectives, the NOIDA Authority has taken proactive steps to implement the New Noida Master Plan 2041, focusing on the expansion and enhancement of urban infrastructure and amenities. The approval of the village list for the New Noida Master Plan 2041 signifies a strategic move towards planned urbanization and sustainable development. The commencement of Phase 2 development spanning 40,000 hectares underscores the commitment to creating a well-structured and integrated urban landscape that caters to the evolving needs of the populace. Phase 2 of the New Noida Master Plan 2041 is slated to cover an extensive area of 40,000 hectares, strategically positioned as an integral part of the National Capital Region (NCR) city. The development of this vast expanse is poised to redefine the urban fabric and economic landscape of the region, offering a blend of residential, commercial, and industrial zones to accommodate the burgeoning population and economic activities. The integration of smart city concepts and sustainable practices underscores the progressive approach adopted in shaping the future of Noida and its adjoining areas.