You can download the OBC Caste Certificate Application Form Bihar Hindi PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


OBC Caste Certificate Application Form Bihar Hindi PDF Download

OBC application form issued by the Revenue Department of the State Government. It’s essential for individuals belonging to the OBC caste to have access to the necessary documentation to avail of government schemes and benefits. The application process plays a crucial role in ensuring that eligible individuals can access the support and resources available to them. The OBC application form provided by the Revenue Department serves as a means for OBC citizens to apply for and obtain the necessary certification for their caste identity. This certification is vital for individuals seeking to benefit from government initiatives and programs specifically designed to support the Scheduled Caste community.


By obtaining this certificate, individuals belonging to the OBC community can access a range of government schemes aimed at improving their socio-economic status and providing them with equal opportunities. The application process not only facilitates access to these benefits but also helps in recognizing and acknowledging the contributions of the OBC community to the state’s development. It is important for individuals applying for the OBC certificate to be aware of the required documents and procedures involved in the application process. By following the guidelines and submitting the necessary documentation, applicants can ensure a smooth and efficient processing of their application, allowing them to access the benefits and support they are entitled to.


The Revenue Department’s issuance of the OBC application form underscores the government’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and social welfare by providing OBC individuals with the means to access essential services and programs. This initiative reflects the government’s efforts to address the needs and concerns of marginalized communities and promote equity and diversity within society. In conclusion, the OBC application form provided by the Revenue Department is a valuable resource for individuals belonging to the OBC caste seeking to obtain the necessary certification for accessing government schemes and benefits. By completing the application process and obtaining the required documentation, OBC individuals can avail themselves of the support and opportunities available to them, contributing to their overall well-being and socio-economic advancement.


Documents Required for OBC Caste Certificate Application Form Bihar

  • Application Form
  • Copy of Ration Card / Copy of Voter Card / Name in the Voter List (one of them)
  • Report regarding caste Patwari / MC / Sarpanch
  • Income report
  • Identity Proof. Aadhaar Card. Driving License. Voter ID
  • Address Proof. Aadhaar Card. Voter ID. Driving License
  • No family member is a gazetted, officer
  • Caste / religion report
  • In the case of Women caste certificate before marriage
  • Any other Documents


Details to be Mention in OBC Caste Certificate Form

  • Applicant Details
  • Address
  • Caste
  • Occupation
  • Annual Income
  • Property Details
  • Any Other Details