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SAP Tcodes List

Transaction codes (Tcodes) are shortcuts used in SAP to quickly navigate to specific functions or tasks within the system. They provide users with an efficient way to access various SAP modules and perform actions such as creating, changing, or displaying master data, transactions, or reports.

SAP Transaction Codes (Tcodes) are used across various modules to perform specific tasks or access particular functions within the SAP system.

SAP Tcodes List

1.Finance (FI):

  • FB01: Post Financial Document
  •  FBL1N: Display/Change Line Items
  • F110: Payment Run. SAP Tcodes List PDF

2.Controlling (CO):

  • KSB1: Display Cost Centers
  •  KSV5: Display Actual Activity Prices
  • KO03: Display Cost Object. SAP Tcodes List PDF

3.Materials Management (MM):

  • MM01: Create Material
  • ME21N: Create Purchase Order
  • MB51: Material Document List. SAP Tcodes List PDF

4.Sales and Distribution (SD):

  • VA01: Create Sales Order
  • VA02: Change Sales Order
  • VL01N: Create Outbound Delivery. SAP Tcodes List PDF

5.Production Planning (PP):

  • CO01: Create Production Order
  • MD04: Display Stock/Requirements Situation
  •  MF50: Planning Table. SAP Tcodes List PDF

6.Human Resources (HR):

  • PA30: Maintain Personnel Master Data PT60:
  • HR Time Evaluation Results. SAP Tcodes List PDF

7.Quality Management (QM):

  • QA01: Create Inspection Lot
  • QE51N: List of Quality Notifications. SAP Tcodes List PDF

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