You can download the TS Congress Manifesto 2023 Telugu PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


TS Congress Manifesto 2023 Telugu PDF Download

The much-anticipated Telangana Assembly polls are set to take place on November 30, marking a crucial moment in the state’s political landscape. Citizens across Telangana are gearing up to exercise their democratic right and cast their votes to shape the future governance of the region. The electoral process is a cornerstone of democracy, allowing individuals to voice their opinions and participate in the decision-making process.

Following the polling day, the counting of votes is scheduled to occur on December 3. This significant event determines the outcome of the elections, revealing the chosen representatives who will lead and govern the state. The process of counting votes is meticulous and transparent, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the results to uphold the democratic principles of fairness and accountability.

Moreover, in the lead-up to the elections, political parties are actively engaging with the electorate to present their vision and policies for the state’s development. The Telangana Congress Party is gearing up to unveil its manifesto for 2023 in Telugu PDF format. This comprehensive document outlines the party’s agenda, promises, and initiatives aimed at addressing the needs and aspirations of the people of Telangana.

Once the Congress Party releases the Telangana Congress Manifesto 2023 in Telugu PDF, we will promptly update the link for easy access to the document. This ensures that voters, analysts, and interested individuals can review the manifesto’s contents, understand the party’s stance on various issues, and make informed decisions during the electoral process.

The manifesto serves as a roadmap for the party’s governance priorities, highlighting key areas such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, employment, and social welfare. It reflects the party’s commitment to serving the public interest, promoting inclusivity, and fostering sustainable development across Telangana.

In conclusion, the upcoming Telangana Assembly polls and the release of the Congress Party’s manifesto signify a significant moment in the state’s political landscape. It is a time of democratic participation, civic engagement, and the shaping of the state’s future through informed decision-making and electoral processes.


Telangana Congress Manifesto 2023 Telugu

The Congress Party’s ‘Mahalakshmi’ guarantee encompasses a range of promising initiatives aimed at empowering women and providing financial support to families across Telangana. One notable offering under this guarantee is the provision of one Tula (equivalent to 10 grams) of gold, which holds an approximate value of Rs 50,000 to 55,000. This gesture symbolizes the party’s commitment to uplifting women and enhancing their financial security.

In addition to the gold offering, the ‘Mahalakshmi’ guarantee ensures that women receive Rs 2,500 per month in financial assistance, enabling them to meet their daily needs and improve their quality of life. Furthermore, the promise of an LPG cylinder at a subsidized rate of Rs 500 aims to promote clean cooking practices and reduce household expenses for women in the state.

Moreover, women in Telangana can benefit from free travel on TSRTC buses, enhancing their mobility and accessibility to various destinations across the state. This initiative not only promotes gender equality but also facilitates women’s participation in economic, social, and cultural activities.

Building on the existing commitment to provide Rs 1 lakh to the bride’s family through the ‘Mahalakshmi’ guarantee, the Congress Party is considering the inclusion of a gold provision. This additional offering underscores the party’s dedication to supporting families during significant life events and ensuring their financial stability and well-being.

Furthermore, the Congress Telangana Rythu Bharosa initiative stands as a testament to the party’s support for farmers, offering Rs 15,000 per acre per year to assist agricultural communities in sustaining their livelihoods and enhancing agricultural productivity.

Under the Gruha Jyothi program, households can benefit from up to 200 units of free electricity, promoting energy efficiency and reducing the burden of utility costs on families.

Additionally, the Congress Cheyutha program proposes a monthly pension of Rs 4,000 for all Old Age Pension (OAP) beneficiaries, providing financial security and support to elderly individuals in the state.

Lastly, the Yuva Vikasam initiative aims to empower students by offering educational cards worth Rs 5 lakh, which can be utilized for college fees payment and reimbursement, enabling young individuals to pursue higher education and achieve their academic aspirations.