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UDISE Form 2023-24 PDF Download

UDISE Plus 2023-24 PDF: The Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE) is a comprehensive database that provides valuable insights into schools across India. Developed by the Department of School Education, MHRD, Government of India, and maintained by the National Informatics Centre, Government of India, UDISE plays a crucial role in monitoring and improving the educational landscape in the country. This database serves as a repository of essential information, including data on school dropouts and the condition of school facilities like toilets. Since its inception in 2012-13, UDISE has evolved into one of the largest Management Information Systems in the realm of School Education, encompassing over 1.5 million schools, more than 9.6 million teachers, and a staggering 264 million children. The integration of DISE for elementary and secondary education under the UDISE umbrella has facilitated a more streamlined and efficient approach to data management in the education sector. The introduction of UDISE+ represents a significant advancement, offering an enhanced and updated version of the original system.


UDISE+ stands out as a modernized platform that leverages online capabilities to collect and analyze data in real-time, marking a significant shift from traditional data collection methods. Since 2018-19, UDISE+ has been instrumental in gathering crucial information from schools nationwide, providing policymakers and educators with valuable insights to drive informed decision-making and policy formulation. With a mandate to collect data from all schools offering formal education from Classes I to XII, UDISE+ plays a pivotal role in monitoring educational quality and identifying areas for improvement across the schooling system. The transition to an online platform with UDISE+ has not only enhanced the efficiency of data collection but has also improved the accessibility and usability of educational data for stakeholders at various levels. By centralizing information on schools, teachers, and students, UDISE+ offers a comprehensive view of the educational landscape, enabling authorities to identify trends, address challenges, and implement targeted interventions to enhance the overall quality of education in India.

In conclusion, UDISE+ represents a significant milestone in the realm of educational data management, providing a robust framework for monitoring and evaluating the performance of schools and educational initiatives. By harnessing the power of technology and real-time data collection, UDISE+ empowers policymakers, educators, and stakeholders with the information needed to drive positive change and foster a more inclusive and effective education system for the benefit of millions of students across the country.


UDISE Form 2023-24 – How to Get UDISE Code

  • In the endeavor to ensure every school in the country has a distinct identity within the educational landscape, the Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE) plays a pivotal role by assigning a unique UDISE code to each school. This code serves as a crucial identifier, facilitating efficient data management and monitoring of schools across India. When a new school is established, obtaining a UDISE code becomes imperative to establish its presence in the UDISE+ records and to streamline its integration into the educational system.
  • To initiate the process of acquiring a UDISE code, schools must adhere to a structured set of steps to ensure a seamless registration process. The first step involves the school user approaching the district Management Information System (MIS) officer with essential documentation, notably including the school’s recognition letter. This documentation is essential for both recognized and unrecognized schools, emphasizing the significance of establishing a formal identity within the educational framework.
  • Subsequently, the district MIS users will initiate the application for the UDISE code through the designated “School Directory Management” module within the UDISE+ system. The application will then be forwarded to the state MIS user for further scrutiny and approval. At the state level, the MIS users play a pivotal role as the primary authority responsible for verifying the application details and requesting any necessary clarifications at the district level before granting approval for UDISE code generation.
  • Upon successful verification at the state MIS level, the application is elevated to the Ministry of Education for the final step of UDISE code generation. This process typically takes approximately a week to complete, ensuring that the school is officially registered and integrated into the national educational database with a unique UDISE code.
  • By following this structured procedure meticulously, schools can secure their place within the educational framework, enabling efficient data management, monitoring, and evaluation. The UDISE code serves as a fundamental tool in enhancing the transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of the educational system, ultimately contributing to the holistic development of the educational landscape in India.