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UP Budget 2024 25 Hindi Download

that’s some interesting information about the UP Budget 2024 under Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s leadership! The budget size of Rs 7,36,437.71 crore is quite substantial. It’s great to hear that new schemes worth Rs 24,863.57 crore have been introduced, with a focus on women, youth, farmers, and employment generation.

This budget seems to prioritize key areas that can positively impact various sectors in Uttar Pradesh. It’s essential to invest in these areas to promote growth and development in the state.


UP Budget 2024 25 in Hindi – Highlights

The total expenditure of Rs 7,36,437.71 crore is quite a significant figure, showing the scale of financial planning involved. It’s interesting to note the allocation of funds between the revenue and capital accounts, with Rs 5,32,655.33 crore and Rs 2,03,782.38 crore respectively. The deficit of Rs 15,103.89 crore indicates the financial balance that needs to be managed effectively.

The focus on advancing the agriculture sector through various schemes is commendable. The allocation of funds for the State Agriculture Development Scheme, UP Agris Scheme, and weather monitoring infrastructure demonstrates a commitment to enhancing agricultural practices in Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, the increase in benefits under the Destitute Women Pension Scheme will positively impact beneficiaries, providing them with greater financial support.

The Women Farmers Empowerment Project’s goal of forming 200 producer groups in the upcoming financial year shows a dedication to supporting women in agriculture. The previous year’s budget of Rs 6.90 lakh crore, with a significant allocation for new schemes, highlights the state government’s continuous efforts to introduce initiatives for the welfare and development of the people of Uttar Pradesh.