Sports help to keep our body and mind healthy. Sports especially play an integral role in a student’s life. More and more, parents tell their children not to waste their time focusing on their studies and playing sports. But, what they fail to understand is that sports and games help to instill a sense of discipline in a student and make them mentally and physically fit. It also helps in building the confidence of the child. It also leads to the development of social skills and reduces stress.

When children play, they get to learn to interact with new people. They feel more comfortable socializing and making new friends. In addition, when children involve themselves in sports, they feel stress-free. People who play some sports or another are less likely to have depression. Playing games also teach the child to work in teams. Success in sports requires cooperation and coordination with team members. Therefore, at a very young age a child learns the importance of working in teams with the help of sports.

People are happier when they play games. It also teaches them to have the ability to withstand physical and emotional pain. Schools should emphasize the importance of sports and games in a student’s life. People who are in the field of sports have excelled and always talked about how a child should be allowed to play. Education is important but sports are also important. Whether it is indoor games such as carrom, table tennis, chess or outdoor games like cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball or any other sport that the child finds interesting, parents should encourage them. Parents should be a child motivator and understand that sports and games are as important as studies.

Studying all the time can cause a child to feel pressure and stress. Sports are a great way to stress and enjoy life. Not playing games makes a child very lethargic and introverted. He tries to hide behind books all the time and not interact with people. Books make a person knowledgeable, but games and sports teach life lessons that come in use at a later stage in life. Children should be encouraged to play and they should do what they enjoy. This is the stage when the child grows up and learns about various things. Games help them learn and enjoy life.