As a result of the epidemic, all non-essential businesses continue to close their doors – a situation that can be extended for several weeks. If these latest things have taught us anything, that we should be prepared for any emergence.

If you have a business, what steps do you take to convert your employees to work from home? Remote network access is very important – epidemic or not – especially if most of your employees are running a business from their home. To keep your company open, happy and consistent customers, and hired employees, you must enable remote network access for your employees.

What You Need to Know: Remote Access Solutions
Telephone communication not only helps companies reduce overhead costs and allows employees to do their work at their own pace, facilitating “more productive work in your schedule”.

There are several ways you can create remote work opportunities for your company. You may:

  • Select the complete private network visible.
  • Use remote access to the desktop.
  • Set up a cloud computing network and share files between home offices to improve virtual office setup.

Virtual private network

A good choice for companies that want to offer periodic access or full access to remote work solutions; however, remote devices must be properly protected and policies must be adhered to.
Encryption agreements make the transfer of data between VPNs and end users very secure.
The VPN itself is not vulnerable to direct attacks.


  • Unprotected PCs can transmit viruses and malware to a VPN if they are not secure.
  • Connecting to a VPN can make the system vulnerable if employees do not block it when completed.
  • This is more difficult to set up than remote access to the desktop.

Remote Desktop Access Solutions

Remote access software solutions are not secure at their most basic level, with limited centralized control of user login and remote access. This solution has a high cost, and remote access is free. However, this is a solid choice for small companies with a demand for work from home.
Remote Desktop desktop solutions are fragile but powerful to set up. They provide seamless experience and work with managed solutions, which come at an increased cost; however, it’s easier to set up than to make this infrastructure yourself.

Direct remote access requires appropriate security policies are followed to ensure that the system is not vulnerable to attack. It can be difficult to restart a remote computer. Also, many Hardware issues will need to be addressed on the site.

Cloud Network Remote Function
This is a good choice if you choose to work in a full office, as these solutions offer more flexibility and cost benefits. They hold other risks because it is difficult to control what employees do with their Hardware at home.

What to Think About
Take into consideration these factors to consider when deciding on the type and provider of remote access and work solutions:

Easy installation: How much time is involved? How much effort? Will it create time to work when change happens?
Ease of use: Can your employees and the IT department take advantage of this solution?
Cost: How much does each remedy cost vs. Will it save your company?
Security: How safe is your choice? To what extent does it depend on the ability of users to follow the stated principles?