Throughout the season, readers have several options. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose from major fiction, non-geek fiction, graphic novels and magazines.

Gossip Story Latest Prasad. SMS are provided in the form of text messages and these applications are very popular among young readers. All you have to do is tap the bottom of the screen to reveal the next message, and it’s easy to lose yourself in a story.

If you are interested in reading chat story, here are the best chat app …

1. ReadIt

Expect stories on ReadIt to get your interest. However, keep in mind that you will have to subscribe to read the full story and see the photos. Many users start it unexpectedly despite content satisfaction and are disappointed with the results.

Available genres include horror, romance, and thriller. The application automatically selects imaginary chats to read. But you can also select your stories by scrolling and tapping the X button.

ReadIt is one of the most rated chat apps on iTunes and it is worth downloading for yourself to find out why.


2. Cliffhanger

You mostly read chat stories as if you were watching someone’s news history. However, with Cliffhanger, you become part of the story. In each chat, there are moments when Cliffhanger allows you to select an answer to determine what happens next.

As you might expect from the name, most of Cliffhanger’s stories are surprising, mysterious, or scary. You can enter for free for photos or sign up for a weekly subscription for additional stories, including access to photos and videos.

Cliffhanger fans say that the text of this app is easy to understand and highly addictive. They agree to spend a lot of time on stories being updated every week. So if you are preparing for a long flight or train journey, this application will make the journey longer.


3. Tap by Wattpad

The WhatsApp palette offers stories with photos, colorful backgrounds, sounds and videos, rather than providing text-only chat stories. It makes every story more engaging and takes advantage of the technology available on your smartphone.

WhatsApp goes to a large library of stories covering every genre of fantasy, including the LGBTQ + section. Most of these stories provide alternative results, giving you an additional reason to revisit your favorites from time to time.

Tap into the original stories coming every week and especially through this app. They also provide new documents on using other story applications in this list. You can also read or create original stories written by other disc WhatsApp users.

Don’t forget to recommend tapping via WhatsApp to non-English speaking friends. The app provides content in over 10 different languages, making it one of the best reading apps in the community.


4. Yarn

This thread makes you feel as if you are watching other people’s text messages and learning stories about their lives. With a premium membership, you can also enjoy photos, videos and audio clips. The thread application allows you to choose your own answers to change the direction of the chat story.

Analysts say this type of chat stories can replace the publishing industry with new popular content. The thread also forces the viewer to see more limitations with smaller video levels.

The book illuminates new chapters and dialogues every day, summarizing everything in a manner that attracts many at once. Remember, you have to pay for the subscription to open unlimited and exclusive content.



On LEAK you can read short chat stories for free as the app has more advertising support than subscription based. You can get an inexpensive subscription to remove those ads and open more content. Unfortunately, the league is only available on your iPhone.

Enjoy stories of every genre: romance, the occult, thriller, drama and more. Leaks keep them all small and digestible, sometimes spicing up conversations with image or level updates.

It is not the best looking app on this list, but the league is faster and easier to use with far fewer restrictions. That is, if you ignore the occasional advertisement.