1. Google Drive Server

Price: 15 GB for free

Cheap online storage can never be more effective than free. If you don’t want to pay, Google Drive generously 15 GB.

However, you should keep in mind that this storage is shared with your Google account. That way, if you also use Gmail or Google Photos, you can see that your storage will disappear as quickly as you want.

If yes, see pCloud. The service offers 10GB of free space, but you can easily increase it to 15GB by completing simple tasks after registration. This includes verifying your email address, downloading software to your computer and phone, and enabling automatic photo uploads.

2. iCloud Server

Price: 50 GB 99 0.99 per month (.0 0.0198 per GB)

Our next type is cloud storage, which is the lowest price you can pay for any storage (except free). The difference goes to iCloud, the main cloud storage provider that offers 50GB plans.

50GB is not much space, but one dollar per month is the lowest full price you can find for cloud storage. This may be enough to give you some space to back up your iPhone or transfer files between devices. Of course, as an Apple product, it is well suited to the major functions of the Mac, iPhone and iPod.

The price per GB is the highest on the list, but a smaller amount is expected. If you buy one of the plans with additional storage, you can share the storage with your family. Find the best app for iCloud storage if you go there.

3. Google One

Price per 100 GB: 1.99 / month (.0 0.0199 per GB) or 99 19.99 per year (.0 0.01666 per GB)

Price for 200 GB: 99 2.99 per month (.0 0.01495 per GB) or per year. 29.99 (0.0125 per GB)

If 50GB isn’t enough or you don’t use an Apple device, Google Drive (via Google One) offers cheap cloud storage for the next update.

If you are interested in the 100GB plan, you can save 16% on the monthly price by signing up for the annual plan and paying only 67 1.67 per month. Meanwhile, the 200GB plot will only work at 50 2.50 per month when you pay annually.

4. pCloud

Price: 500 GB 99 4.99 per month (per 0.00 0088 per GB) or per year. 47.88 (00 0.00798 per GB)

We previously offered the free pCloud plan with an outcry, but it is the only major cloud storage provider to offer a 500GB plan. This is the first layer of storage where prices fall below .0 0.01 per gigabyte, thus reducing costs.

Note that PCloud restricts you to 500GB connection download traffic, which is used when people stream or download content from your public links. This should not be a problem if you do not use your cloud storage primarily to host files accessible to others.

We looked at pCloud in detail before that, so see it for more information. If you really want, you can upgrade to a 500 GB lifetime plan for 5A for a time fee.

5. MediaFire

Price: 1 TB / 5 / month ($ 0.005 per GB) or $ 45 per year ($ 0.00375 per GB)

Many people primarily use Mediafire to share files with others, but it also serves as a personal cloud storage solution. The price of this 1 TB is the cheapest you can get, but unfortunately there are some issues that you see elsewhere.

Mediafire does not provide desktop applications, so you need to sync everything with the website or mobile application. Security and privacy features are lower than other providers, and it avoids some power features that make it easier to use other power storage.