Apple will be launching an interest-free payment system in the coming weeks. The company is already offering the Apple Card installation program for the iPhone.

Apple Card users will soon be able to purchase an iPad, Mac, AirPods or other Apple product from the company through monthly interest-free payments and a card, the report said.

Apple plans to launch a new Apple Card service “in the coming weeks,” Bloomberg said Saturday, citing anonymous sources. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

For Macs, iPads, iPad keyboards, the Apple Pencil and the Mac XDR Display track, Apple will develop a 12-month interest-paying plan, Bloomberg said. The company will offer another program – six months without interest – on AirPods, Apple TV and HomePod, according to a news release.

Payments will be added to the monthly Apple Card payment, and payments will be managed through the Apple Card category in the iPhone Wallet app, Bloomberg said.

Last December, Apple introduced a new 24-month Apple Card installation program, for people who want to buy an iPhone. Due to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic, Apple recently allowed Apple Card customers to skip monthly payments without incurring interest charges.